Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana

Project List

Project Number Name
AT-0002 Atchafalaya Sediment Delivery
AT-0003 Big Island Mining
AT-0005 Morgan City Industrial Road
AT-0006 Point Chevreuil Shoreline Protection
AT-0007 Deer Island Pass Realignment
AT-0008 Bayou Amy Boat Launch and Educational Pavilion
AT-0009 Stephensville Wastewater Assimilation and Facility Restoration
AT-0010 Beau Bayou Water Quality and Sediment Reduction
AT-0012 Alexandria to the Gulf
AT-0013 Atchafalaya Basin Natural Resources Inventory and Assessment
AT-0015 Atchafalaya Long Distance Sediment Pipeline
BA-0001 Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion
BA-0002 GIWW (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) to Clovelly Hydrologic Restoration
BA-0003 Naomi Siphon Diversion
BA-0004 West Pointe a la Hache Siphon Diversion
BA-0015 Lake Salvador Shore Protection (Demo)
BA-0015-X1 Lake Salvador Mitigation Project
BA-0015-X2 Lake Salvador Shoreline Protection (Phase III)
BA-0016 Bayou Segnette
BA-0019 Barataria Bay Waterway Wetland Restoration
BA-0020 Jonathan Davis Wetland Project
BA-0023 Barataria Bay Waterway West Side Shoreline Protection
BA-0025 Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Introduction
BA-0026 Barataria Bay Waterway East Side Shoreline Protection
BA-0028 Vegetative Plantings of a Dredged Material Disposal Site on Grand Terre Island
BA-0030 East Grand Terre
BA-0034 Mississippi River Reintroduction Into Northwest Barataria Basin
BA-0035 Pass Chaland to Grand Bayou Pass (BA-35)
BA-0036 Dedicated Dredging on the Barataria Basin Landbridge
BA-0037 Little Lake Shoreline Protection/Dedicated Dredging Near Round Lake
BA-0038 Pelican Island and Pass La Mer to Chaland Pass Restoration
BA-0039 Mississippi River Sediment Delivery System - Bayou Dupont
BA-0040 Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island Restoration
BA-0041 South Shore of the Pen Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
BA-0042 Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation
BA-0043-EB Long Distance MS River Sediment Pipeline
BA-0045 Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration
BA-0046-SF Plaquemines Parish - Southeast Louisiana Strategic Restoration
BA-0047 West Pointe a la Hache Marsh Creation Project
BA-0048 Bayou Dupont Marsh and Ridge Creation Project
BA-0050 Bayside Segmented Breakwaters at Grand Isle
BA-0051 Goose Bayou Ridge Creation and Shoreline Protection
BA-0052 Lower Lafitte Shoreline Stabilization at Bayou Rigolettes
BA-0053 Maritime Forest Ridge Restoration
BA-0054 Northwest Little Lake Marsh Creation and Enhancement
BA-0055 LA 1 Improvements - Fourchon to Leeville Bridge (CIAP)
BA-0056 Update of the Plaquemines Parish Coastal Management Plan
BA-0057 Tidewater Road Flood Protection
BA-0058 Fringe Marsh Repair
BA-0059 Waterline Booster Pump Station, West Bank
BA-0060 Baytree Freshwater Diversion Property Purchase
BA-0061 West Bank Wetland Conservation and Protection
BA-0062 West Bank Wastewater Assimilation Plant
BA-0063 Small Dredge Program
BA-0064 Jump Basin Dredging and Marsh Creation
BA-0065 Fifi Island Restoration Extension
BA-0066 West Bank and Vicinity
BA-0067 New Orleans to Venice
BA-0068 Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration
BA-0070 LCA Small Bayou Lafourche Reintroduction
BA-0071 LCA Medium Diversion with Dedicated Dredging at Myrtle Grove
BA-0072 LCA Modification of Davis Pond Diversion
BA-0073 Grand Isle and Vicinity
BA-0074 Storm-Proofing of Interior Pumping Stations
BA-0075-1 Jean Lafitte Tidal Protection
BA-0075-2 Rosethorne Tidal Protection
BA-0075-3 Lafitte Tidal Protection
BA-0076 Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration
BA-0082 Lafitte Area Levee Repair
BA-0083 Rosethorne Wetland Assimilation Project
BA-0084 Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District - Walter S. Lemann Memorial Pump Station Renovations
BA-0085 St. Charles West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee
BA-0091 Bayou LaFourche Salt Water Control Structure
BA-0092 Grand Isle East End Breakwater/ Jetty Design
BA-0105 Barataria Bay Waterway, Grand Terre Island (Phase I)
BA-0106 Barataria Bay Waterway, Mile 31 to 24.5
BA-0109 HSDRRS Mitigation- WBV
BA-0110 Shell Island East- BERM
BA-0111 Shell Island West- NRDA
BA-0113 WBV Mitigation Project - Plaquemines Open
BA-0115 Donaldsonville to the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Protection Project
BA-0125 Northwest Turtle Bay Marsh Creation
BA-0141 NRDA Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation INCR2
BA-0142 NRDA Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration
BA-0143 Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration INCR2
BA-0148 Risk Reduction- Barataria Basin Landbridge
BA-0153 Mid-Barataria Diversion
BA-0156 Plaquemines TFU Mitigation - Braithwaite to Scarsdale - Big Mar
BA-0158 New Orleans to Venice Mitigation - Plaquemines Non-Fed
BA-0159 New Orleans to Venice Mitigation - Fed
BA-0161 Mississippi River Water Reintroduction into Bayou Lafourche - BLFWD
BA-0162-SPER Shoreline Protection Emergency Restoration
BA-0163 Lower Barataria Diversion
BA-0164 Bayou Dupont Sediment Delivery - Marsh Creation 3
BA-0165 Culverts Through Existing Berm & Board Roads
BA-0186 Fisheries Habitat Restoration on West Grand Terre Island at Fort Livingston
BA-0187 Grand Isle Bay Side Breakwaters
BA-0191 North Grand Isle Breakwaters
BS-0006 Lake Lery Hydrologic Restoration
BS-0008 Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
BS-0010 Delta Building Diversion North of Fort St. Philip
BS-0011 Delta Management at Fort St. Philip
BS-0012 White Ditch Resurrection and Outfall Management
BS-0013-EB Bayou Lamoque Floodgate Removal
BS-0015 Bohemia Mississippi River Reintroduction Project
BS-0016 South Lake Lery Shoreline and Marsh Restoration
BS-0017 Lake Lery Rim Re-Establishment and Marsh Creation
BS-0018 Bertrandville Siphon
BS-0019 LCA Modification of Caernarvon Diversion
BS-0020 LCA Medium Diversion at White Ditch
BS-0023 Lower Breton Diversion
BS-0024 Terracing & Marsh Creation South of Big Mar
CS-0001 Holly Beach
CS-0002 Rycade Canal Marsh Management
CS-0017 Cameron Creole Plugs
CS-0018 Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Erosion Protection
CS-0019 West Hackberry Vegetative Planting Demonstration
CS-0020 East Mud Lake Marsh Management
CS-0021 Highway 384 Hydrologic Restoration
CS-0022 Clear Marais Bank Protection
CS-0023 Replace Sabine Refuge Water Control Structures at Headquarters Canal, West Cove Canal, and Hog Island Gully
CS-0024 Perry Ridge Shore Protection
CS-0025 Plowed Terraces Demonstration
CS-0027 Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
CS-0028-1 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 1
CS-0028-2 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 2
CS-0028-3 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 3
CS-0029 Black Bayou Culverts Hydrologic Restoration
CS-0030 GIWW - Perry Ridge West Bank Stabilization
CS-0031 Holly Beach Sand Management
CS-0033 Cameron Parish Shoreline Restoration
CS-0034 Marcantel Supplemental Beneficial Use Disposal Area
CS-0036 Shoreline Protection at Intracoastal Park
CS-0037 South GIWW Restoration
CS-0041 Horseshoe Lake Marsh Restoration
CS-0042 South Johnson Bayou Bayou Restoration
CS-0043 Dreary Island Restoration
CS-0044 Rabbit Island
CS-0048 Bank Stabilization: Dugas Cut to Kelso Bayou
CS-0049 Cameron-Creole Freshwater Introduction
CS-0050 East Little Pecan Bayou Restoration
CS-0051 Little Chenier Road
CS-0052 CIAP - Clear Marais Bank Protection
CS-0053 Kelso Bayou Marsh Creation
CS-0054 Cameron-Creole Watershed Grand Bayou Marsh Creation
CS-0058 Calcasieu River and Pass (Sabine NWR) Phase I, II, III
CS-0059 Oyster Bayou Marsh Creation and Terracing
CS-0061 Brannon Ditch
CS-0063 Sabine Shellbank Stabilization
CS-0065 Calcasieu Ship Channel Salinity Controls
CS-0066 Cameron Meadows Marsh Creation & Terracing
CS-0074 Blind Lake
CS-0075 Sabine Terraces
CS-0076 Cameron Creole Structures
CS-0077 Holly Beach Sand Fencing
LA-0005 Floating Marsh Creation Demonstration Project
LA-0006 Shoreline Protection Foundation Improvements Demonstration
LA-0008 Bioengineered Oyster Reef Demonstration
LA-0009 Sediment Containment System for Marsh Creation Demonstration
LA-0010 LCA Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline - 2007
LA-0012-1 Performance Evaluation - Rockefeller Monitoring
LA-0012-2 Performance Evaluation - Barataria Land Bridge Biological Monitoring
LA-0012-3 Performance Evaluation - Freshwater Bayou
LA-0012-4 Performance Evaluation - Database Management
LA-0012-5 CIAP Performance Evaluation - Barrier Island Studies
LA-0012-6 CIAP Performance Evaluation - Caminada Moreau Subsidence Study
LA-0012-7 CIAP Performance Evaluation Borrow Area Management and Monitoring
LA-0013 Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative
LA-0016 Non-rock Alternatives to Shoreline Protection Demo
LA-0019 LCA Beneficial Use Feasibility Study
LA-0020 Southwest Coastal Louisiana Feasibility Study
LA-0024-4 Intelligent Flood Protection, Monitoring, Warning and Response System (Smart Levee)
LA-0025 Innovative Coast-wide Initiatives
LA-0026 Rehabiliation and Repair of State Restoration Projects
LA-0028 Conservation/ Restoration Partnership
LA-0154 Administrative Projects
LA-0155 Mississippi River Flooding 2011
LA-0156 Minerals Management Service Trinity and Tiger
LA-0158 Coastal Science Assistanship Program
LA-0159 GOMA - Gulf of Mexico Alliance
LA-0160 LCA Science and Technology Program (S&T)
LA-0161 LASARD - Database Development
LA-0163 British Petroleum Offshore Oil Rig Explosion
LA-0168 Annual Plan Preparation
LA-0170 Development and Maintenance of CED GPS Coastwide Network
LA-0173 CWPPRA Monitoring Contingency Fund
LA-0175 CWPPRA Planning
LA-0183 LCA Program Management
LA-0193 Hurricanes - FEMA Claims
LA-0206 HSDRRS Armoring
LA-0207 BP - Attorney Litigation Hours
LA-0208 BP - Direct Bill
LA-0210 Administration of CIAP Program
LA-0211 MAS1 - Management
LA-0216 Abandoned and Derelict Vessels
LA-0222 Construction Program Technical Support Services
LA-0223 The Water Institute of the Gulf
LA-0224 Restore Act - Administrative Tracking
LA-0225 LA 23 Raising at Lareussite
LA-0226 Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring (BICM)
LA-0228 Isaac - Post Storm Reconnaissance
LA-0230 Resilience Framework
LA-0231 Nutrient Management Strategy
LA-0233 2017 Master Plan
ME-0001 Pecan Island Freshwater Introduction
ME-0004 Freshwater Bayou Wetland Protection
ME-0009 Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Shoreline Protection
ME-0011 Humble Canal Hydrologic Restoration
ME-0013 Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization
ME-0014 Pecan Island Terracing (ME-14)
ME-0016 Freshwater Introduction South of Highway 82
ME-0017 Little Pecan Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
ME-0018 Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Stabilization
ME-0018-EB Rockefeller Shoreline Protection Demo (CIAP)
ME-0019 Grand-White Lakes Landbridge Protection
ME-0020 South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation
ME-0021 Grand Lake Shoreline Protection, Tebo Point
ME-0021-EB Grand Lake Shoreline Protection (CIAP)
ME-0022 South White Lake Shoreline Protection
ME-0024 Southwest Louisiana Gulf Shoreline Nourishment and Protection
ME-0025-SF Marsh Creation Near Freshwater Bayou
ME-0026 West Big Burn Bridge Restoration
ME-0027 South Little Pecan Bayou Restoration
ME-0030 North Mermentau Restoration
ME-0031 Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation (CWPPRA)
MR-0003 West Bay Sediment Diversion
MR-0006 Channel Armor Gap Crevasse
MR-0009 Delta Wide Crevasses
MR-0010 Flexible Dustpan Demo at Head of Passes (DEMO)
MR-0013 Benneys Bay Diversion
MR-0014 Spanish Pass Diversion
MR-0015 Venice Ponds Marsh Creation and Crevasses
MR-0016 LCA Mississippi River Delta Management Study
PO-0001 Violet Siphon Diversion
PO-0003 LaBranche Shoreline Stabilization and Canal Closure
PO-0006 Fritchie Marsh Restoration
PO-0008 Central Wetlands Pump Outfall
PO-0010 Turtle Cove Shore Protection
PO-0016 Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 1
PO-0017 Bayou LaBranche Wetland Creation
PO-0018 Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 2
PO-0019 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Disposal Area Marsh Protection
PO-0022 Bayou Chevee Shoreline Protection
PO-0024 Hopedale Hydrologic Restoration
PO-0027 Chandeleur Islands Marsh Restoration
PO-0029 River Reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp
PO-0030 Lake Borgne Shoreline Protection
PO-0033 Goose Point/Point Platte Marsh Creation
PO-0034 Alligator Bend Marsh Restoration and Shoreline Protection
PO-0035-EB Violet Diversion
PO-0036-EB Orleans Land Bridge SP & Marsh Creation
PO-0039 Bald Cypress/Tupelo Coastal Forest Protection
PO-0040 Hydrologic Restoration in the West Lake Maurepas Swamps
PO-0041 Update of St. Bernard Parish Coastal Zone Management Plan
PO-0042 West LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-0043 East LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-0044 Blind River Freshwater Diversion Property Purchase
PO-0045 East Bank Wastewater Assimilation Plant
PO-0046 Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection Project
PO-0048 Green Property Preservation Project
PO-0049 French Property Preservation Project
PO-0051 Mandeville Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project
PO-0052 Lake Pontchartrain Shoreline Protection
PO-0053 Wetland Wastewater Assimilation Process Planning
PO-0055 Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity, IHNC Surge Barrier, LPV-IHNC-02
PO-0056 Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity (HPO)
PO-0057 SELA - Overall
PO-0060 Permanent Canal Closures and Pump Stations
PO-0061 St. Bernard Parish 40 Arpent Levee Repairs
PO-0062 West Shore Lake Pontchartrain
PO-0063 Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity
PO-0064 Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity Seabrook LPV-IHNC-01
PO-0065 MRGO Ecosystem Restoration
PO-0068 LCA Small Diversion at Convent / Blind River
PO-0069 LCA Amite River Diversion Canal Modification
PO-0070 Northshore Beach Marsh Creation/Restoration
PO-0072 Biloxi Marsh
PO-0073 Central Wetlands Demonstration
PO-0073-1 Central Wetlands - Riverbend
PO-0073-2 Central Wetlands - EBSTP to A2
PO-0074 North Shore Hurricane/Flood Protection and Restoration Plan
PO-0075 LaBranche East Marsh Creation
PO-0087 Madisonville Bulkhead Project
PO-0089 South Slidell Flood Control Project
PO-0090 West Lac Des Allemands Shoreline Protection
PO-0093 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Bayou Dupre Segment)
PO-0094 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Bayou Bienvenue Segment)
PO-0095 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Shell Beach Segment)
PO-0096 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Vicinity of Shell Beach Segment)
PO-0104 Bayou Bonfouca Marsh Creation
PO-0115 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Mile 14 to 12, (2002)
PO-0116 LCA Small Diversion at Hope Canal
PO-0117 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Berm - Mile 14 to 11
PO-0118 MRGO, Breton Island Berm, Mile -2 to -3, LA
PO-0119 MRGO, Breton Island Restoration, Mile -2.3 to 4.0
PO-0123 Katrina- Bayou Delasaire
PO-0124 Katrina- Hopedale Lagoon
PO-0126 Katrina- Black Bay
PO-0129 MAS2 - Outreach
PO-0133 Labranche Central Marsh Creation
PO-0141 Central Wetlands Diversion
PO-0142 Hydrologic Restoration of the Amite River Diversion Canal
PO-0145 LPV Task Force Guardian Mitigation - Bayou Sauvage
PO-0146 Previously Authorized Mitigation LPV - Manchac
PO-0147 Fontainebleau State Park Mitigation
PO-0148 Living Shoreline
PO-0152 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Doulluts Canal to Jahncke's Ditch)
PO-0153 Lake Pontchartrain Barrier
PO-0161 Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Mitigation Project
PO-0165 Hopedale Hydrological Structure
TE-0001 Montegut Wetland
TE-0002 Falgout Canal Wetland
TE-0003 Bayou LaCache Wetland
TE-0006 Pointe Au Chien Wetland
TE-0014 Point Farm Refuge Planting
TE-0017 Falgout Canal Planting Demonstration
TE-0018 Timbalier Island Vegetative Planting
TE-0020 Isles Dernieres Restoration East Island
TE-0022 Point Au Fer Canal Plugs
TE-0023 West Belle Pass Headland Restoration
TE-0024 Isles Dernieres Restoration Trinity Island
TE-0025 East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration (TE-25)
TE-0026 Lake Chapeau Sediment Input and Hydrologic Restoration, Point Au Fer Island
TE-0027 Whiskey Island Restoration
TE-0028 Brady Canal Hydrologic Restoration
TE-0029 Raccoon Island Breakwaters Demonstration
TE-0030 East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration (TE-30)
TE-0034 Penchant Basin Natural Resources Plan, Increment 1
TE-0036 Thin Mat Floating Marsh Enhancement Demonstration
TE-0037 New Cut Dune and Marsh Restoration
TE-0040 Timbalier Island Dune and Marsh Restoration
TE-0041 Mandalay Bank Protection Demonstration
TE-0043 GIWW Bank Restoration of Critical Areas in Terrebonne
TE-0043-EB GIWW Bank Restoration (CIAP) of Critical Areas of Terrebonne
TE-0044 North Lake Mechant Landbridge Restoration
TE-0045 Terrebonne Bay Shore Protection Demonstration
TE-0046 West Lake Boudreaux Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
TE-0047 Ship Shoal: Whiskey West Flank Restoration
TE-0048 Raccoon Island Shoreline Protection/Marsh Creation Project
TE-0049 Avoca Island Diversion and Land Building
TE-0050 Whiskey Island Back Barrier Marsh Creation
TE-0051 Madison Bay Marsh Creation and Terracing
TE-0052 West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration
TE-0053 Enhancement of Barrier Island Vegetation Demo
TE-0059 Attakapas Canal Hydrologic Restoration
TE-0060 Lake Verret Swamp and Lake Rim Restoration
TE-0063 Falgout Canal Freshwater Enhancement
TE-0064 Morganza to the Gulf
TE-0065 Larose to Golden Meadow - Flood Protection
TE-0066 Central Terrebonne Freshwater Enhancement
TE-0067 LCA Maintain Land Bridge Between Caillou Lake and Gulf of Mexico
TE-0068 LCA Point Au Fer
TE-0070 LCA Terrebonne Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration
TE-0072 Lost Lake Marsh Creation and Hydrologic Restoration
TE-0078 Cut-Off/Pointe Aux Chene Levee
TE-0081 MMS Syed
TE-0083 Terrebonne Bay Marsh Creation
TE-0084 Emergency Reserve 2007 - Chabert Hospital Levee
TE-0094 Houma Navigation Canal, Wine Island Barrier Island Restoration
TE-0095 Montegut Wetlands (Mitigation)
TE-0100 NRDA Caillou Lake Headlands
TE-0108 HNC Deepening Section 203 Study
TE-0110 Increase Atchafalaya Flow to Terrebonne
TE-0111 Valentine to Larose
TE-0112 North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation
TE-0113 Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex
TE-0125 Bush Canal and Bayou Terrebonne Bank Stabilization
TE-0126 Houma Navigation Canal Levee Maintenance
TE-0128 Timbalier Island Repairs
TE-0129 East Island Repair Protection
TE-0130 Timbalier Island
TE-0131 Falgout Canal
TE-0132 East Island
TE-0133 Isle Dernieres (Whiskey Island)
TV-0003 Vermilion River Cutoff Bank Protection
TV-0004 Cote Blanche Hydrologic Restoration
TV-0006 Marsh Island Control Structures
TV-0009 Boston Canal/Vermilion Bay Bank Protection
TV-0011 Freshwater Bayou Bank Protection
TV-0011-B1 Acadiana to the Gulf of Mexico Access Channel (AGMAC)
TV-0012 Little Vermilion Bay Sediment Trapping
TV-0014 Marsh Island Hydrologic Restoration
TV-0015 Sediment Trapping at "The Jaws"
TV-0016 Cheniere Au Tigre Sediment Trapping Demonstration
TV-0017 Lake Portage Land Bridge
TV-0018 Four Mile Canal Terracing and Sediment Trapping
TV-0019 Weeks Bay Marsh Creation and Shore Protection/Commercial Canal Freshwater Redirection
TV-0020 Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection
TV-0021 East Marsh Island Marsh Creation
TV-0024 Weeks Bay/Commercial Canal Marsh Creation and Shoreline Protection
TV-0025 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - Port Road over Rodere Lateral
TV-0028 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - Port Road over Commercial Canal
TV-0030 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - David Dubois Road over Commercial Canal
TV-0031 Acadiana Regional Airport Street Improvements - Admiral Doyle Drive
TV-0032 Lake Sand Terracing
TV-0033 Lake Tom/Lake Michael Terracing
TV-0035 Vermilion Bay Shoreline Restoration
TV-0036 Planning Assistance and Administration (St. Mary Parish)
TV-0037 Burns Point Recreation Park Improvements
TV-0038 Thorguson Road Improvements
TV-0040 Vermilion Parish CZM Planning and Development
TV-0041 Shoreline Protection on Southwest Point at Southwest Pass
TV-0044 Henry Hub Acess Improvements - Highway 331 Realignment
TV-0045 Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation at Tiger Point
TV-0046 Henry Hub Access Improvements - Charlie Field Road Bridge Replacement
TV-0049 Intracoastal City Street Improvements
TV-0050 Henry Hub Access Improvements - Charlie Field Road Improvements
TV-0051 Oyster Reef Parallel to Cheniere au Tigre
TV-0052 Franklin Floodgate Sinkable Barge and Pump Station
TV-0053 North Prong Schooner Bayou
TV-0054 South Central Coastal Plan
TV-0055 Morgan City/ St Mary Flood Protection
TV-0056 Four-Mile Canal Storm Surge Reduction Construction
TV-0057 Delcambre-Avery Canal (E&D)
TV-0058 Flood Control Structure at Boston Canal
TV-0060 Front Ridge Chenier Terracing/Protection
TV-0063 Cole's Bayou Marsh Restoration
TV-0066 Teche Vermilion Fresh Water District
TV-0073 Marsh Island Repairs
TV-0074 Cote Blanche Repairs
WBV-23 New Estelle PS Floodwall Modifications
WBV-24 Segnette State Park Floodwall
WBV-2A Boomtown Floodwalls
WBV-2B Boomtown to Hero Pump Station Floodwalls
WBV-33 Old Estelle PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-37 Ames / Mt. Kennedy Pump Stations
WBV-38.2 Cousins PS & Discharge Channel Floodwalls - Phase 2
WBV-3A Hero Pump Station Fronting Protection
WBV-3B Hero P.S. to Algiers Canal Floodwall
WBV-44 Whitney Barataria PS Floodwall Modifications
WBV-46.2 Cousins Canal Walls - Destrehan Bridge to Sector Gate
WBV-47.1 Algiers Lock to Belle Chasse Hwy (West) - Phase 1
WBV-48.2 Belle Chasse Hwy to Algiers Lock (East)- Phase 2
WBV-49.1 Hero Levee to Belle Chasse Hwy (East) - Phase 1
WBV-71 Western Tie-In Levees (North-South)
WBV-72 Western Tie-In Levees (East-West)
WBV-72A Outer Cataouatche Canal Drainage Structure
WBV-73 Western Tie-In Highway Crossing)
WBV-74 Western Tie-In Closure Structure
WBV-74a Emergency Shelter with Generator Platform
WBV-75 Western Tie-In Railroad Crossing
WBV-76 HWY 90 Pumping Station
WBV-77 Western Tie-In Railroad Crossing, LA 18 HWY Crossing & UP Gate Crossing
WBV-90 GIWW-West Closure Complex
WBV-9a.1 Hero Canal to Oakville Emergency Shelter
WBV-MRL 1.1 Oakpoint to Oakville - Engineered Alternative Measures
WBV-MRL 3.1 Belle Chasse to Oakpoint - Engineered Alternative Measures
WBV-MRL 4.1 English Turn Bend to Belle Chasse - Engineered Alternative Measures
WBV-MRL 6.1 Parish Line to English Turn Bend - Engineered Alternative Measures
WBV-MRL 7.1 West Crossover Point to Parish Line - Engineered Alternative Measures
WBV-MRL-1.2b Augusta to Oakville
WBV-MRL-2.2 OakPoint to Augusta
WBV-MRL-3.2 Belle Chase to Oak Point
WBV-MRL-4.2 English Turn Bend to Belle Chasse
WBV-MRL-5.2 English Turn Bend
WBV/MRL Colocated Work - Phase 1
Waterline Booster Pump Station, East Bank
West Bank WBV-01
West Pointe a la Hache Outfall Management
Yellow Bayou
WBV-30 Westminster PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
Pointe Aux Chene Drainage Improvements (Lafourche Parish)
Previously Authorized Mitigation WBV
Previously Authorized Mitigation WBV - Bayou Segnette
Previously Authorized Mitigiation WBV - St. Charles
Queen Bess
Quintana Canal/Cypremort Point
Raccoon Island Repair
Rainey Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Earthen Terraces
Risk Reduction Via Modification to the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
Rita Monitoring
SWOSR (Severe Weather Oil Spill Reconnaissance)
SWOSRP (Severe Weather Oil Spill Reconnaissance Planning)
Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle 4 & 5
Small Sediment Diversions
South Lake Decade Freshwater Introduction - CU1
South Lake Decade Freshwater Introduction - CU2
St. Bernard Parish Government Building Wind Retrofit (St. Bernard Parish)
Sweet Lake/Willow Lake Hydrologic Restoration
Swift Energy, CM183 (NRC#: 1039509)
Terrebonne School Board Site - Dedicated Dredging
Tropical Storm Lee
Trosclair Road Repairs
Underwater Obstruction Generation
Underwater Obstruction Removal - RFP
University Patnerships
WBV-04.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 1-Phase 2
WBV-05.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 2-Phase 2
WBV-06.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 3&4-Phase 2
WBV-06a.2 Belle Chasse Hwy to Hero Cutoff (West) - Phase 2
WBV-08 S&WB PS #13 Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-09a Hero Canal to Oakville - Levees
WBV-09c Hero Canal to Oakville - Highway Structures
WBV-10 Belle Chasse PS #1 (Plaquemines PS) Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-11 Belle Chasse PS #2 Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-13 S&WB PS #11Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-14J (Floodwalls and Miscellaneous work at Harvey Canal Sector Gate)
WBV-14a.2 Harvey Canal West Bank Levees - Phase 2
WBV-14b.2 Orleans Village to Hwy 45 Levee- Phase 2
WBV-14c.2 New Westwego PS to Orleans Village- Phase 2
WBV-14d V-line Floodwall
WBV-14e.2 V-line levee, East of Vertex - Phase 2
WBV-14f.2 Hwy 45 levee- Phase 2
WBV-15a.1 Lake Cataouatche PS to Segnette State Park
WBV-15a.2 Lake Cataouatche PS to Segnette State Park-Phase 2
WBV-15a.2a Chevron Pipeline Relocation at WBV-15a.2
WBV-15b.2 Lake Cataouatche PS Fronting Protection, Modifications
WBV-15b.2a Lake Cataouatche Pump Station Modifications
WBV-16.1 Company Canal
WBV-16.2 Bayou Segnette Complex
WBV-16b Segnette PS Fronting Protection & Modifications.
WBV-17b.2 Station 160+00 to Hwy 90- Phase 2
WBV-20 New Westwego PS fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-22 Westwego Floodwall
Pass a Loutre Site - Dedicated Dredging Program
Spoilbank along the GIWW
WBV-09b Hero Canal to Oakville - Structures
WBV-12 Hero Canal Reach 1, 2nd Enlgt
WBV-21 Old Westwego PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-07 Planters PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
WBV-14g.2 Estelle PS Vicinity Floodwalls
WBV-01 Sector Gate to Boomtown Floodwall
WBV-14i V-Line Levee, LA 3134 Highway Crossing
WBV-18.2 Hwy 90 to Lake Cataouatche PS - Phase 2
NOV-11, Port Sulphur to Ft. Jackson
NOV-12, Ft. Jackson to Venice
NOV-13, Empire Floodgate
NOV-15, Floodwall Repairs
NOV-16, Empire to Buras
NOV-5, St. Jude to City Price
NOV-6, City Price to Empire
NOV-7, Empire to Ft. Jackson
NOV-8, Ft. Jackson to Venice
NOV-9, St. Jude to Happy Jack
NOV-NF-W-4, Oakville to LaReusitte
NOV-NF-W-5, LaReusitte to Myrtle Grove
NOV-NF-W-6, Myrtle Grove to St. Jude
NRCS Biomass Production Program
NRCS Vegetative Planting
NRDA Biloxi Marsh INCR2
NRDA Early Restoration Planning
North Lake Boudreaux Basin Freshwater Introduction and Hydrologic Management
Nutria Harvest for Wetland Restoration Demonstration
OFC 03A - London Avenue SWE Remediation
OFC 03C - London Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
OFC 04A - Orleans Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
OFC 06 - Orleans Avenue Canal, Remediation to Raise the Max Operating Level
OPA BOA Pipeline Strike
OPA Breton Island
OPA Calcasieu River
OPA Gretna/Mississippi River
OPA Lake Washington/Mendicant Island/West Champagne Bay
OPA Saturday Island
OPA_Hilcorp Energy Co_Bay St. Elaine (NRC#: 1036088)
OPA_Mosquito Bay
Oaks/Avery Canal Hydrologic Restoration, Increment 1
LPV 00.2 Reach 1 Lakefront Levee Phase 2
LPV 03d.2 Airport Runway10 Levee Phase 2
LPV 04.1 Levee Reach 1A, 1B, & 2A Phase 1
LPV 04.2A Reach 1A from Cross Bayou to St Rose and Gulf South Floodwall Phase 2
LPV 04.2B Reach 1B from I-310 to Walker Drainage Structure Phase 2
LPV 05.2A Reach 2A Shell Pipeline to Goodhope and Shell Pipeline Floodwall Replacement Phase 2
LPV 05.2B Reach 2B from Good Hope to Cross Bayou
LPV 06c.2 Goodhope Floodwall Phase 2
LPV 07c.2 St. Rose Drainage Structure & Levee Phase 2
LPV 06a.2 Bayou Trepagnier Complex Floodwall Phase 2
LPV 07b.2 Cross Bayou Drainage Structure - Phase 2
LPV 09a.2 Pumping Station No. 1 Bonnabel Breakwater - Phase 2
LPV 07d.2 Almedia/Walker Structures Phase 2
LPV 09.2 Pump Stations: Bonnabel, Suburban, Elmwood & Duncan
LPV 16.2 Floodwall and Gate at Bonnabel Boat Launch - Phase 2
LPV 101.02 - 17th St. Canal to Topaz St. T-Walls
LPV 111.01 CSX RR to Michoud Canal Levees
LPV 146 - Bayou Dupre to Hwy 46 T-Walls
NOV-14, Empire Lock
NOV-2, PS (Pointe a la Hache and Bellevue)
OFC 03B - London Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
OFC 05 - 17th St. Canal, Remediation to Raise the Max Operating Level
LPV 148.02 - Hwy 46 to Caernarvon Floodwall T-Walls
Mississippi River Delta Strategic Planning - SSPM Expansion
Naomi Outfall Management
OFC 07 London Avenue Canal, Remediation of Outfall Canals
Oaks/Avery Structures
P-13, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Port Sulphur Area
P-14, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Empire/Buras Area
P-15 and 15.02, NOV Empire Floodgate Repair Phase I and II
P-17, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Buras Area
P-24, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement, Port Sulphur Area
LPV 01.2 Foreshore Protection A - Phase 2
LPV 02.2 Reach 3 Lakefront Levee - Phase 2
LPV 03.2A West Return Wall (Southern Segment) Phase 2
LPV 03.2B West Return Wall (Northern Segment) Phase 2
LPV 03.2B.1 West Return Floodwall (Northern Segment) LSRO (Landside Runoff Collection System)
LPV 06e.2 Floodwall under I-310 Phase 2
LPV 06f.2 Illinois Central Railroad - Phase 2
LPV 103.1A1 - Orleans Canal to London Av. Canal - Phase 1A
LPV 103.1A2 - Rail St. & Lake Terrace Dr. Gates on Lakeshore Dr.
LPV 104.01a - London Ave. Canal to IHNC - Phase 1A
LPV 104.02a Gate at Norfolk Southern RR/Hayne Blvd Raise
LPV 105.01 - Lakefront Airport East T-Wall and Seabrook Tie-In
LPV 105.02 - Lakefront Airport T-Wall East
LPV 106 - Citrus Lakefront Levee
LPV 107 - Lincoln Beach Gate & T-Walls
LPV 108 - Paris Rd. to South Point
LPV 109.02a - South Point to CSX RR
LPV 109.02b - Raising of I-10
LPV 110 - CSX Gate Modification
LPV 111.02 & 111.03 - Fronting Monoliths & IHNC Tie-In
LPV 12a.2 Pumping Station No. 4 Duncan Breakwater - Phase 2
LPV 144.02 - Bayou Dupre Sector Gate
LPV 145 - IHNC to Bayou Dupre T-Walls
LPV 147 - Bayou Road Floodgate & Hwy 46 Gate
LPV 149 - Caernarvon Floodwall & Sector Gate
LPV 17.2 Causeway Bridge abutment and Floodwall Tie-ins
LPV 18.2 Floodwall and Gate at Williams Blvd. Boat Launch
LPV 19.2 Reach 4 Lakefront Levee - Phase 2
LPV 192.02 - IHNC Buttress Slab & Berms
LPV 192.03 - IHNC Relief Wells
LPV 20.1 Reach 5 Lakefront Levee - Phase 1
LPV 20.2 Foreshore Protection B - Phase 2
LPV-145a Bayou Bienvenue Swing Bridge Project
LaBranche Shoreline Protection
LaBranche Wetlands (X-mas Trees)
Lakewood Pump Station Auto Bar Screen Cleaner (St. Charles Parish)
Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center Wind Retrofit (LSU Terrebonne Parish)
Levee District Software Monitoring Support
Lost Lake Vegetation Project
Lower Petit Caillou
MRGO Closure Structure
MTG-Bayou Grand Caillou Barge Gate
MTG-Bush Canal Barge Gate
MTG-Houma Navigation Canal Barge Gate
MTG-Placid Canal Barge Gate
MTG-Reach F
MTG-Reach F Mitigation (TE-64-MTG-Reach F Mitigation)
MTG-Reach H Mitigation (TE-64-MTG-Reach H2/H3 Mitigation)
MTG-Reach H2
MTG-Reach H3
MTG-Reach J1
MTG-Reach J2
MTG-Reach J3
MTG-Reach-F Lower (TE-64-MTG-F Lower)
Mardi Gras Pass
Marine Debris
Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Mile 14 to 12, (2003)
Mississippi River Sediment Delivery System East
Montegut Wetland (Part 1-Repair/Maintenance)
Morvant Drainage Improvement (Lafourche Parish)
NF-2, Braithwaite and Scarsdale Breach repair (East Bank)
NOV-1, Phoenix to Bohemia
NOV-10, Happy Jack to Port Sulphur
Flood Protection Assistance - St. Mary Parish
Flood Protection Assistance - St. Tammany Parish
Flood Protection Assistance - Tangipahoa
Flood Protection Assistance - Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District
Flood Protection Assistance - Town of Berwick
Flood Protection Assistance - West Jefferson
Fourchon Beach Stabilization
Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization - Belle Isle Canal to Lock
General Administrative Charges
General Flood Protection Charges
Gentilly-Dillard University Drainage Project (Orleans Parish)
Golden Meadow Floodwall Improvements (Golden Meadow, Lafourche Parish)
Grand Bayou Blue Site - Dedicated Dredging
Grand Isle Mitigation - Non Fed - North Levee
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Bayou Sauvage Flood Side Marsh
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Bayou Sauvage Protected Side Marsh/BLHW - Refuge
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Fritchie BLH Wet - Refuge
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Milton Island Marsh
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Mitigation Bank Swamp
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Marsh - Park/404c
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Swamp - Park/404c
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Lake Boeuf Swamp
Hammock Lake
Harvest Marks Pipeline - Grand Bay
Hurricane Katrina - Lake Mechant
Hurricane Lili
Hydrologic Restoration and Vegetative Planting in the Lac des Allemands Swamp
Hypoxia Task Force
Isaac - Administrative
Isaac - Orleans Land Bridge SP - DED
Jesse Dufrene Drainage Improvement (Lafourche Parish)
Joyce Wildlife Management Area
Katrina - Bayou Yscloskey Debris
Katrina Monitoring
Katrina- Oyster Bayou
Katrina- Yellow Cotton Bay
LACES Division
LACES Modeling Framework (LaMP)
LGM - Section A West
LGM - Section B North
LGM - Section C North
LGM - Section D North
LGM - Section D South
LGM - Section E North
LGM - Section E North Gap
LGM - Section E South
LGM - Section F
Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization (CIAP)
LGM - Section C South
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Golden Triangle
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Mitigation Bank BLH
HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Labranche
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte BLH - Park/404c
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Marsh
Katrina- Adams Bay
Katrina- Lake Robin
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Lake Boeuf BLH
HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Mitigation Bank BLH
HSDRRS Mitigation- LPV
LASMP Louisiana Sediment Management Plan
LGM - Section A East
LGM - Section B South
LGM - Section Floodgate and Floodwall
LPV 01.1 Reach 2 Lakefront Levee - Phase 1
Flood Protection Assistance - City of Baton Rouge
Capital Outlay
2012 Master Plan
Bonnie Tropical Storm/Hurricane
Calcasieu Parish Administrative Assistance
APP_CPR_PM_Additional Cost Center Code 2503 added
BA-66-WBV-MRL 1.2a Augusta to Oakville
City of Slidell City Barn Pump Station
Coastwide Nutria Control Program
BIMP 2009 Sand Fencing
Baie de Chactas
Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection Phase 4
Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Management
Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 3
Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phases 1 and 2
Cameron-Creole Maintenance
Cameron-Creole Structure Automation
Barataria Waterway Grand Terre Island Ph 2
Barrier Island Maintenance Program
East Harvey Canal Interim Flood Protection
Dedicated Dredging Program - Lake Salvador
Bayou Chevee
Engineering Services
Brown Marsh
Disaster Response and Emergency Community Safe Room (St. James Parish)
Dedicated Dredging Program - Bayou Dupont
Black Bayou Oil Spill - NRC#1018915
CMD Salaries funded by Wetlands Trust Fund
Cheniere Au Tigre
CWPPRA Storm Recovery Procedures Contingency Fund
Caillou Lake- NRDA
Debris Removal - Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge
Flood Protection Assistance - Angola State Penitentiary
Drainage Analysis, Evaluation and Improvments to Houma-Terrebonne Airport/Industrial Park (Houma Terrebonne Airport)
Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority
Emergency Watershed Quiski Bayou
City of Covington Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (St. Tammany Parish)
Community Development Block Grant
Coastwide Planting
Coastwide Reference Monitoring System - Wetlands
Flood Protection Assistance - Atchafalaya Basin LD
Consolidated Culvert Improvements
Consolidated Pump Stations, Auto Bar Screen Cleaners, and Capacity Increase
Emerald Park Drainage Improvements (Lafourche Parish)
Dedicated Dredging - Point au Fer
Dune Energy - Garden Island Bay
East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration CU1
FIFi Island Restoration
Flood Protection Assistance - Algiers
Emergency Breach Closure at Elmers Island
FEMA - Hurricane Gustav
FEMA Cooperative Technical Partner (CTP)
Flood Protection Assistance - City of Morgan City
Flood Protection Assistance - Donaldsonville to Gulf
Flood Protection Assistance - East Jefferson
Flood Protection Assistance - Grand Isle Independent
Flood Protection Assistance - Lafitte Area Independent
Flood Protection Assistance - Lafourche Basin LD
Flood Protection Assistance - Lake Borgne Basin
Flood Protection Assistance - N. Lafourche Conservation, Levee and Drainage
Flood Protection Assistance - Orleans
Flood Protection Assistance - Plaquemines Parish
Flood Protection Assistance - Pontchartrain
Flood Protection Assistance - South Lafourche