Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana

Project List

Project Number Name
AT-013 Flood Protection Assistance - Atchafalaya Basin LD
AT-015 Atchafalaya Long Distance Sediment Pipeline
AT-02 Atchafalaya Sediment Delivery
AT-03 Big Island Mining
AT-05 Morgan City Industrial Road
AT-06 Point Chevreuil Shoreline Protection
AT-07 Deer Island Pass Realignment
AT-08 Bayou Amy Boat Launch and Educational Pavilion
AT-09 Stephensville Wastewater Assimilation and Facility Restoration
AT-10 Beau Bayou Water Quality and Sediment Reduction
AT-12 Alexandria to the Gulf
AT-13 Atchafalaya Basin Natural Resources Inventory and Assessment
BA-0034-0002 Hydrologic Restoration and Vegetative Planting in the Lac des Allemands Swamp
BA-01 Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion
BA-0161 Mississippi River Water Reintroduction into Bayou Lafourche - BLFWD
BA-0162-SPER Shoreline Protection Emergency Restoration
BA-02 GIWW (Gulf Intracoastal Waterway) to Clovelly Hydrologic Restoration
BA-03 Naomi Siphon Diversion
BA-03C Naomi Outfall Management
BA-04 West Pointe a la Hache Siphon Diversion
BA-04C West Pointe a la Hache Outfall Management
BA-05B Queen Bess
BA-05C Baie de Chactas
BA-084 Flood Protection Assistance - West Jefferson
BA-085 Flood Protection Assistance - Grand Isle Independent
BA-086 Flood Protection Assistance - Lafourche Basin LD
BA-087 Flood Protection Assistance - N. Lafourche Conservation, Levee and Drainage
BA-088 Flood Protection Assistance - South Lafourche
BA-089 Flood Protection Assistance - Donaldsonville to Gulf
BA-090 Flood Protection Assistance - Lafitte Area Independent
BA-091 Bayou LaFourche Salt Water Control Structure
BA-092 Grand Isle East End Breakwater/ Jetty Design
BA-094 Emergency Breach Closure at Elmers Island
BA-105 Barataria Bay Waterway, Grand Terre Island (Phase I)
BA-106 Barataria Bay Waterway, Mile 31 to 24.5
BA-107 Barataria Waterway Grand Terre Island Ph 2
BA-109 HSDRRS Mitigation- WBV
BA-109-JB4 HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte BLH - Park/404c
BA-109-JM HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Marsh
BA-109-JM4 HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Marsh - Park/404c
BA-109-JS4 HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Jean Lafitte Swamp - Park/404c
BA-109-LBB HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Lake Boeuf BLH
BA-109-LBS HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Lake Boeuf Swamp
BA-109-MBB HSDRRS Mitigation WBV - Mitigation Bank BLH
BA-110 Shell Island East- BERM
BA-111 Shell Island West- NRDA
BA-113 WBV Mitigation Project - Plaquemines Open
BA-114 West Bank WBV-01
BA-115 Donaldsonville to the Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Protection Project
BA-125 Northwest Turtle Bay Marsh Creation
BA-141 NRDA Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation INCR2
BA-142 NRDA Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration
BA-143 Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration INCR2
BA-144 OPA Gretna/Mississippi River
BA-145 OPA Lake Washington/Mendicant Island/West Champagne Bay
BA-146 OPA Saturday Island
BA-147 OPA BOA Pipeline Strike
BA-148 Risk Reduction- Barataria Basin Landbridge
BA-15 Lake Salvador Shore Protection (Demo)
BA-15-X1 Lake Salvador Mitigation Project
BA-15-X2 Lake Salvador Shoreline Protection (Phase III)
BA-152 East Harvey Canal Interim Flood Protection
BA-153 Mid-Barataria Diversion
BA-154 Previously Authorized Mitigation WBV
BA-154-BS Previously Authorized Mitigation WBV - Bayou Segnette
BA-154-SC Previously Authorized Mitigiation WBV - St. Charles
BA-155 FIFi Island Restoration
BA-156 Plaquemines TFU Mitigation - Braithwaite to Scarsdale - Big Mar
BA-157 Grand Isle Mitigation - Non Fed - North Levee
BA-158 New Orleans to Venice Mitigation - Plaquemines Non-Fed
BA-159 New Orleans to Venice Mitigation - Fed
BA-16 Bayou Segnette
BA-163 Lower Barataria Diversion
BA-164 Bayou Dupont Sediment Delivery - Marsh Creation 3
BA-165 Culverts Through Existing Berm & Board Roads
BA-166 Swift Energy, CM183 (NRC#: 1039509)
BA-19 Barataria Bay Waterway Wetland Restoration
BA-20 Jonathan Davis Wetland Project
BA-23 Barataria Bay Waterway West Side Shoreline Protection
BA-25 Bayou Lafourche Freshwater Introduction
BA-26 Barataria Bay Waterway East Side Shoreline Protection
BA-27B Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phases 1 and 2
BA-27C Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection, Phase 3
BA-27D Barataria Basin Landbridge Shoreline Protection Phase 4
BA-28 Vegetative Plantings of a Dredged Material Disposal Site on Grand Terre Island
BA-30 East Grand Terre
BA-34 Mississippi River Reintroduction Into Northwest Barataria Basin
BA-35 Pass Chaland to Grand Bayou Pass (BA-35)
BA-36 Dedicated Dredging on the Barataria Basin Landbridge
BA-37 Little Lake Shoreline Protection/Dedicated Dredging Near Round Lake
BA-38 Pelican Island and Pass La Mer to Chaland Pass Restoration
BA-39 Mississippi River Sediment Delivery System - Bayou Dupont
BA-40 Riverine Sand Mining/Scofield Island Restoration
BA-41 South Shore of the Pen Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
BA-42 Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation
BA-43 (EB) Long Distance MS River Sediment Pipeline
BA-45 Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration
BA-46 SF Plaquemines Parish - Southeast Louisiana Strategic Restoration
BA-47 West Pointe a la Hache Marsh Creation Project
BA-48 Bayou Dupont Marsh and Ridge Creation Project
BA-50 Bayside Segmented Breakwaters at Grand Isle
BA-51 Goose Bayou Ridge Creation and Shoreline Protection
BA-52 Lower Lafitte Shoreline Stabilization at Bayou Rigolettes
BA-53 Maritime Forest Ridge Restoration
BA-54 Northwest Little Lake Marsh Creation and Enhancement
BA-55 LA 1 Improvements - Fourchon to Leeville Bridge (CIAP)
BA-56 Update of the Plaquemines Parish Coastal Management Plan
BA-57 Tidewater Road Flood Protection
BA-58 Fringe Marsh Repair
BA-59 Waterline Booster Pump Station, West Bank
BA-60 Baytree Freshwater Diversion Property Purchase
BA-61 West Bank Wetland Conservation and Protection
BA-62 West Bank Wastewater Assimilation Plant
BA-63 Small Dredge Program
BA-64 Jump Basin Dredging and Marsh Creation
BA-65 Fifi Island Restoration Extension
BA-66 West Bank and Vicinity
BA-66-MRL 7.1 WBV-MRL 7.1 West Crossover Point to Parish Line - Engineered Alternative Measures
BA-66-WBV 04.2 WBV-04.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 1-Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 05.2 WBV-05.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 2-Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 06.2 WBV-06.2 Belle Chasse HWY to Hero Cutoof-Reach 3&4-Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 06A.2 WBV-06a.2 Belle Chasse Hwy to Hero Cutoff (West) - Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 07 WBV-07 Planters PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 08 WBV-08 S&WB PS #13 Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 09A WBV-09a Hero Canal to Oakville - Levees
BA-66-WBV 09B WBV-09b Hero Canal to Oakville - Structures
BA-66-WBV 09C WBV-09c Hero Canal to Oakville - Highway Structures
BA-66-WBV 10 WBV-10 Belle Chasse PS #1 (Plaquemines PS) Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 11 WBV-11 Belle Chasse PS #2 Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 12 WBV-12 Hero Canal Reach 1, 2nd Enlgt
BA-66-WBV 13 WBV-13 S&WB PS #11Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 14.E2 WBV-14e.2 V-line levee, East of Vertex - Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 14A.2 WBV-14a.2 Harvey Canal West Bank Levees - Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 14B.2 WBV-14b.2 Orleans Village to Hwy 45 Levee- Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 14C.2 WBV-14c.2 New Westwego PS to Orleans Village- Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 14D WBV-14d V-line Floodwall
BA-66-WBV 14F.2 WBV-14f.2 Hwy 45 levee- Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 14G.2 WBV-14g.2 Estelle PS Vicinity Floodwalls
BA-66-WBV 14I WBV-14i V-Line Levee, LA 3134 Highway Crossing
BA-66-WBV 14J WBV-14J (Floodwalls and Miscellaneous work at Harvey Canal Sector Gate)
BA-66-WBV 15A.2 WBV-15a.2 Lake Cataouatche PS to Segnette State Park-Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 15B.2 WBV-15b.2 Lake Cataouatche PS Fronting Protection, Modifications
BA-66-WBV 16.2 WBV-16.2 Bayou Segnette Complex
BA-66-WBV 16B WBV-16b Segnette PS Fronting Protection & Modifications.
BA-66-WBV 17B.2 WBV-17b.2 Station 160+00 to Hwy 90- Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 18.2 WBV-18.2 Hwy 90 to Lake Cataouatche PS - Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 21 WBV-21 Old Westwego PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 22 WBV-22 Westwego Floodwall
BA-66-WBV 23 WBV-23 New Estelle PS Floodwall Modifications
BA-66-WBV 2A WBV-2A Boomtown Floodwalls
BA-66-WBV 2B WBV-2B Boomtown to Hero Pump Station Floodwalls
BA-66-WBV 33 WBV-33 Old Estelle PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV 38.2 WBV-38.2 Cousins PS & Discharge Channel Floodwalls - Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 3A WBV-3A Hero Pump Station Fronting Protection
BA-66-WBV 3B WBV-3B Hero P.S. to Algiers Canal Floodwall
BA-66-WBV 44 WBV-44 Whitney Barataria PS Floodwall Modifications
BA-66-WBV 47.1 WBV-47.1 Algiers Lock to Belle Chasse Hwy (West) - Phase 1
BA-66-WBV 48.2 WBV-48.2 Belle Chasse Hwy to Algiers Lock (East)- Phase 2
BA-66-WBV 49.1 WBV-49.1 Hero Levee to Belle Chasse Hwy (East) - Phase 1
BA-66-WBV 72A WBV-72A Outer Cataouatche Canal Drainage Structure
BA-66-WBV 74A WBV-74a Emergency Shelter with Generator Platform
BA-66-WBV 75 WBV-75 Western Tie-In Railroad Crossing
BA-66-WBV 9A1 WBV-9a.1 Hero Canal to Oakville Emergency Shelter
BA-66-WBV-01 WBV-01 Sector Gate to Boomtown Floodwall
BA-66-WBV-15A.1 WBV-15a.1 Lake Cataouatche PS to Segnette State Park
BA-66-WBV-15A.2A WBV-15a.2a Chevron Pipeline Relocation at WBV-15a.2
BA-66-WBV-15B.2A WBV-15b.2a Lake Cataouatche Pump Station Modifications
BA-66-WBV-16.1 WBV-16.1 Company Canal
BA-66-WBV-20 WBV-20 New Westwego PS fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV-24 WBV-24 Segnette State Park Floodwall
BA-66-WBV-30 WBV-30 Westminster PS Fronting Protection and Modifications
BA-66-WBV-37 WBV-37 Ames / Mt. Kennedy Pump Stations
BA-66-WBV-46.2 WBV-46.2 Cousins Canal Walls - Destrehan Bridge to Sector Gate
BA-66-WBV-71 WBV-71 Western Tie-In Levees (North-South)
BA-66-WBV-72 WBV-72 Western Tie-In Levees (East-West)
BA-66-WBV-73 WBV-73 Western Tie-In Highway Crossing)
BA-66-WBV-74 WBV-74 Western Tie-In Closure Structure
BA-66-WBV-76 WBV-76 HWY 90 Pumping Station
BA-66-WBV-77 WBV-77 Western Tie-In Railroad Crossing, LA 18 HWY Crossing & UP Gate Crossing
BA-66-WBV-90 GIWW WBV-90 GIWW-West Closure Complex
BA-66-WBV-MRL 1.1 WBV-MRL 1.1 Oakpoint to Oakville - Engineered Alternative Measures
BA-66-WBV-MRL 1.2A BA-66-WBV-MRL 1.2a Augusta to Oakville
BA-66-WBV-MRL 1.2B WBV-MRL-1.2b Augusta to Oakville
BA-66-WBV-MRL 2.2 WBV-MRL-2.2 OakPoint to Augusta
BA-66-WBV-MRL 3.1 WBV-MRL 3.1 Belle Chasse to Oakpoint - Engineered Alternative Measures
BA-66-WBV-MRL 3.2 WBV-MRL-3.2 Belle Chase to Oak Point
BA-66-WBV-MRL 4.1 WBV-MRL 4.1 English Turn Bend to Belle Chasse - Engineered Alternative Measures
BA-66-WBV-MRL 4.2 WBV-MRL-4.2 English Turn Bend to Belle Chasse
BA-66-WBV-MRL 5.2 WBV-MRL-5.2 English Turn Bend
BA-66-WBV-MRL 6.1 WBV-MRL 6.1 Parish Line to English Turn Bend - Engineered Alternative Measures
BA-66-WBV/MRL WBV/MRL Colocated Work - Phase 1
BA-67 New Orleans to Venice
BA-67-NF-2 NF-2, Braithwaite and Scarsdale Breach repair (East Bank)
BA-67-NOV-1 NOV-1, Phoenix to Bohemia
BA-67-NOV-10 NOV-10, Happy Jack to Port Sulphur
BA-67-NOV-11 NOV-11, Port Sulphur to Ft. Jackson
BA-67-NOV-12 NOV-12, Ft. Jackson to Venice
BA-67-NOV-13 NOV-13, Empire Floodgate
BA-67-NOV-14 NOV-14, Empire Lock
BA-67-NOV-15 NOV-15, Floodwall Repairs
BA-67-NOV-16 NOV-16, Empire to Buras
BA-67-NOV-2 NOV-2, PS (Pointe a la Hache and Bellevue)
BA-67-NOV-5 NOV-5, St. Jude to City Price
BA-67-NOV-6 NOV-6, City Price to Empire
BA-67-NOV-7 NOV-7, Empire to Ft. Jackson
BA-67-NOV-8 NOV-8, Ft. Jackson to Venice
BA-67-NOV-9 NOV-9, St. Jude to Happy Jack
BA-67-NOV-NF-W-4 NOV-NF-W-4, Oakville to LaReusitte
BA-67-NOV-NF-W-5 NOV-NF-W-5, LaReusitte to Myrtle Grove
BA-67-NOV-NF-W-6 NOV-NF-W-6, Myrtle Grove to St. Jude
BA-67-P-13 P-13, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Port Sulphur Area
BA-67-P-14 P-14, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Empire/Buras Area
BA-67-P-15 AND 15.02 P-15 and 15.02, NOV Empire Floodgate Repair Phase I and II
BA-67-P-17 P-17, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement Buras Area
BA-67-P-24 P-24, NOV Landside Levee Enlargement, Port Sulphur Area
BA-68 Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration
BA-70 LCA Small Bayou Lafourche Reintroduction
BA-71 LCA Medium Diversion with Dedicated Dredging at Myrtle Grove
BA-72 LCA Modification of Davis Pond Diversion
BA-73 Grand Isle and Vicinity
BA-74 Storm-Proofing of Interior Pumping Stations
BA-75-1 Jean Lafitte Tidal Protection
BA-75-2 Rosethorne Tidal Protection
BA-75-3 Lafitte Tidal Protection
BA-76 Cheniere Ronquille Barrier Island Restoration
BA-77 Consolidated Culvert Improvements
BA-79 Consolidated Pump Stations, Auto Bar Screen Cleaners, and Capacity Increase
BA-80 Lakewood Pump Station Auto Bar Screen Cleaner (St. Charles Parish)
BA-81 Jesse Dufrene Drainage Improvement (Lafourche Parish)
BA-82 Lafitte Area Levee Repair
BA-83 Rosethorne Wetland Assimilation Project
BA-84 Bayou Lafourche Fresh Water District - Walter S. Lemann Memorial Pump Station Renovations
BA-85 St. Charles West Bank Hurricane Protection Levee
BIMP-08A BIMP 2009 Sand Fencing
BS-020 OPA Breton Island
BS-021 Mardi Gras Pass
BS-023 Lower Breton Diversion
BS-024 Terracing & Marsh Creation South of Big Mar
BS-03A Caernarvon Diversion Outfall Management
BS-03B Risk Reduction Via Modification to the Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
BS-06 Lake Lery Hydrologic Restoration
BS-08 Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion
BS-10 Delta Building Diversion North of Fort St. Philip
BS-11 Delta Management at Fort St. Philip
BS-12 White Ditch Resurrection and Outfall Management
BS-13 (EB) Bayou Lamoque Floodgate Removal
BS-15 Bohemia Mississippi River Reintroduction Project
BS-16 South Lake Lery Shoreline and Marsh Restoration
BS-17 Lake Lery Rim Re-Establishment and Marsh Creation
BS-18 Bertrandville Siphon
BS-19 LCA Modification of Caernarvon Diversion
BS-20 LCA Medium Diversion at White Ditch
CS-0028-4-5 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation Cycle 4 & 5
CS-01 Holly Beach
CS-02 Rycade Canal Marsh Management
CS-04A Cameron-Creole Maintenance
CS-04A-1 Cameron-Creole Structure Automation
CS-058 Calcasieu River and Pass (Sabine NWR) Phase I, II, III
CS-060 OPA Calcasieu River
CS-065 Calcasieu Ship Channel Salinity Controls
CS-066 Cameron Meadows Marsh Creation & Terracing
CS-067 Calcasieu Parish Administrative Assistance
CS-11B Sweet Lake/Willow Lake Hydrologic Restoration
CS-17 Cameron Creole Plugs
CS-18 Sabine National Wildlife Refuge Erosion Protection
CS-19 West Hackberry Vegetative Planting Demonstration
CS-20 East Mud Lake Marsh Management
CS-21 Highway 384 Hydrologic Restoration
CS-22 Clear Marais Bank Protection
CS-23 Replace Sabine Refuge Water Control Structures at Headquarters Canal, West Cove Canal, and Hog Island Gully
CS-24 Perry Ridge Shore Protection
CS-25 Plowed Terraces Demonstration
CS-27 Black Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
CS-28-1 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 1
CS-28-2 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 2
CS-28-3 Sabine Refuge Marsh Creation, Cycle 3
CS-29 Black Bayou Culverts Hydrologic Restoration
CS-30 GIWW - Perry Ridge West Bank Stabilization
CS-31 Holly Beach Sand Management
CS-32-CU1 East Sabine Lake Hydrologic Restoration CU1
CS-33 Cameron Parish Shoreline Restoration
CS-34 Marcantel Supplemental Beneficial Use Disposal Area
CS-36 Shoreline Protection at Intracoastal Park
CS-37 South GIWW Restoration
CS-41 Horseshoe Lake Marsh Restoration
CS-42 South Johnson Bayou Bayou Restoration
CS-43 Dreary Island Restoration
CS-44 Rabbit Island
CS-47 Trosclair Road Repairs
CS-48 Bank Stabilization: Dugas Cut to Kelso Bayou
CS-49 Cameron-Creole Freshwater Introduction
CS-50 East Little Pecan Bayou Restoration
CS-51 Little Chenier Road
CS-52 CIAP - Clear Marais Bank Protection
CS-53 Kelso Bayou Marsh Creation
CS-54 Cameron-Creole Watershed Grand Bayou Marsh Creation
CS-59 Oyster Bayou Marsh Creation and Terracing
CS-61 Brannon Ditch
CS-62 Chenier Plain Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority
CS-63 Sabine Shellbank Stabilization
CS-64 Black Bayou Oil Spill - NRC#1018915
CS-BL Blind Lake
CS-ST Sabine Terraces
DNR 2513-0311 Bush Canal and Bayou Terrebonne Bank Stabilization
DSR-74310 Fourchon Beach Stabilization
DSR-81557 Houma Navigation Canal Levee Maintenance
DSR-81559 Timbalier Island Repairs
DSR-81560 East Island Repair Protection
DSR-81768 LaBranche Wetlands (X-mas Trees)
DSR-81784 Timbalier Island
DSR-81785 Falgout Canal
DSR-81786 East Island
DSR-81787 Isle Dernieres (Whiskey Island)
FTL-01 Fisheries Habitat Restoration on West Grand Terre Island at Fort Livingston
GIBSB Grand Isle Bay Side Breakwaters
HPL-MIT Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Mitigation Project
LA-0030 Coastwide Reference Monitoring System - Wetlands
LA-01A Dedicated Dredging Program - Lake Salvador
LA-01B Dedicated Dredging Program - Bayou Dupont
LA-01C Pass a Loutre Site - Dedicated Dredging Program
LA-01D Terrebonne School Board Site - Dedicated Dredging
LA-01E Grand Bayou Blue Site - Dedicated Dredging
LA-01F Dedicated Dredging - Point au Fer
LA-034 Flood Protection Assistance - City of Baton Rouge
LA-035 Flood Protection Assistance - Angola State Penitentiary
LA-036 Community Development Block Grant
LA-037 LACES Division
LA-038 2012 Master Plan
LA-039 Coastwide Planting
LA-03A Nutria Harvest for Wetland Restoration Demonstration
LA-03B Coastwide Nutria Control Program
LA-040 General Flood Protection Charges
LA-046 LASMP Louisiana Sediment Management Plan
LA-05 Floating Marsh Creation Demonstration Project
LA-06 Shoreline Protection Foundation Improvements Demonstration
LA-08 Bioengineered Oyster Reef Demonstration
LA-09 Sediment Containment System for Marsh Creation Demonstration
LA-10 LCA Barataria Basin Barrier Shoreline - 2007
LA-12.1 Performance Evaluation - Rockefeller Monitoring
LA-12.2 Performance Evaluation - Barataria Land Bridge Biological Monitoring
LA-12.3 Performance Evaluation - Freshwater Bayou
LA-12.4 Performance Evaluation - Database Management
LA-12.5 CIAP Performance Evaluation - Barrier Island Studies
LA-12.6 CIAP Performance Evaluation - Caminada Moreau Subsidence Study
LA-12.7 CIAP Performance Evaluation Borrow Area Management and Monitoring
LA-13 Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative
LA-154 Administrative Projects
LA-155 Mississippi River Flooding 2011
LA-156 Minerals Management Service Trinity and Tiger
LA-157 LACES Modeling Framework (LaMP)
LA-158 Coastal Science Assistanship Program
LA-159 GOMA - Gulf of Mexico Alliance
LA-16 Non-rock Alternatives to Shoreline Protection Demo
LA-160 LCA Science and Technology Program (S&T)
LA-161 LASARD - Database Development
LA-162 FEMA Cooperative Technical Partner (CTP)
LA-163 British Petroleum Offshore Oil Rig Explosion
LA-166 Bonnie Tropical Storm/Hurricane
LA-167 Hurricane Lili
LA-168 Annual Plan Preparation
LA-170 Development and Maintenance of CED GPS Coastwide Network
LA-171 NRCS Biomass Production Program
LA-173 CWPPRA Monitoring Contingency Fund
LA-174 CMD Salaries funded by Wetlands Trust Fund
LA-175 CWPPRA Planning
LA-179 Emergency Watershed Quiski Bayou
LA-183 LCA Program Management
LA-187 CWPPRA Storm Recovery Procedures Contingency Fund
LA-189 Underwater Obstruction Removal - RFP
LA-19 LCA Beneficial Use Feasibility Study
LA-192 FEMA - Hurricane Gustav
LA-193 Hurricanes - FEMA Claims
LA-194 Debris Removal - Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge
LA-196 Engineering Services
LA-199 General Administrative Charges
LA-20 Southwest Coastal Louisiana Feasibility Study
LA-206 HSDRRS Armoring
LA-207 BP - Attorney Litigation Hours
LA-208 BP - Direct Bill
LA-209 Tropical Storm Lee
LA-210 Administration of CIAP Program
LA-211 MAS1 - Management
LA-215 Katrina Monitoring
LA-216 Abandoned and Derelict Vessels
LA-217 Rita Monitoring
LA-218 Underwater Obstruction Generation
LA-219 NRDA Early Restoration Planning
LA-220 Levee District Software Monitoring Support
LA-222 Construction Program Technical Support Services
LA-223 The Water Institute of the Gulf
LA-224 Restore Act - Administrative Tracking
LA-225 LA 23 Raising at Lareussite
LA-226 Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring (BICM)
LA-227 Isaac - Administrative
LA-228 Isaac - Post Storm Reconnaissance
LA-229 Capital Outlay
LA-230 Resilience Framework
LA-231 Nutrient Management Strategy
LA-232 Hypoxia Task Force
LA-233 2017 Master Plan
LA-234 SWOSRP (Severe Weather Oil Spill Reconnaissance Planning)
LA-235 SWOSR (Severe Weather Oil Spill Reconnaissance)
LA-24.4 Intelligent Flood Protection, Monitoring, Warning and Response System (Smart Levee)
LA-25 Innovative Coast-wide Initiatives
LA-26 Rehabiliation and Repair of State Restoration Projects
LA-27 Barrier Island Maintenance Program
LA-28 Conservation/ Restoration Partnership
LA-34 Marine Debris
ME-01 Pecan Island Freshwater Introduction
ME-04 Freshwater Bayou Wetland Protection
ME-09 Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge Shoreline Protection
ME-11 Humble Canal Hydrologic Restoration
ME-13 Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization
ME-14 Pecan Island Terracing (ME-14)
ME-16 Freshwater Introduction South of Highway 82
ME-17 Little Pecan Bayou Hydrologic Restoration
ME-18 Rockefeller Refuge Gulf Shoreline Stabilization
ME-18 (EB) Rockefeller Shoreline Protection Demo (CIAP)
ME-19 Grand-White Lakes Landbridge Protection
ME-20 South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation
ME-21 Grand Lake Shoreline Protection, Tebo Point
ME-21 (EB) Grand Lake Shoreline Protection (CIAP)
ME-22 South White Lake Shoreline Protection
ME-24 Southwest Louisiana Gulf Shoreline Nourishment and Protection
ME-25 SF Marsh Creation Near Freshwater Bayou
ME-26 West Big Burn Bridge Restoration
ME-27 South Little Pecan Bayou Restoration
ME-30 North Mermentau Restoration
ME-31 Freshwater Bayou Marsh Creation (CWPPRA)
MR-0016-SSPM Mississippi River Delta Strategic Planning - SSPM Expansion
MR-01B Small Sediment Diversions
MR-020 Katrina - Bayou Yscloskey Debris
MR-021 Harvest Marks Pipeline - Grand Bay
MR-025 Dune Energy - Garden Island Bay
MR-03 West Bay Sediment Diversion
MR-06 Channel Armor Gap Crevasse
MR-09 Delta Wide Crevasses
MR-10 Flexible Dustpan Demo at Head of Passes (DEMO)
MR-13 Benneys Bay Diversion
MR-14 Spanish Pass Diversion
MR-15 Venice Ponds Marsh Creation and Crevasses
MR-16 LCA Mississippi River Delta Management Study
NGI North Grand Isle Breakwaters
PO-01 Violet Siphon Diversion
PO-0148 Living Shoreline
PO-0153 Lake Pontchartrain Barrier
PO-02C Bayou Chevee
PO-03 LaBranche Shoreline Stabilization and Canal Closure
PO-03B LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-06 Fritchie Marsh Restoration
PO-08 Central Wetlands Pump Outfall
PO-096 Flood Protection Assistance - Lake Borgne Basin
PO-097 Flood Protection Assistance - East Jefferson
PO-098 Flood Protection Assistance - Algiers
PO-099 Flood Protection Assistance - Plaquemines Parish
PO-10 Turtle Cove Shore Protection
PO-100 Flood Protection Assistance - Pontchartrain
PO-101 Flood Protection Assistance - St. Tammany Parish
PO-102 Flood Protection Assistance - Tangipahoa
PO-103 Flood Protection Assistance - Orleans
PO-104 Bayou Bonfouca Marsh Creation
PO-115 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Mile 14 to 12, (2002)
PO-116 LCA Small Diversion at Hope Canal
PO-117 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Berm - Mile 14 to 11
PO-118 MRGO, Breton Island Berm, Mile -2 to -3, LA
PO-119 MRGO, Breton Island Restoration, Mile -2.3 to 4.0
PO-120 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, Mile 14 to 12, (2003)
PO-121 HSDRRS Mitigation- LPV
PO-121-BF HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Bayou Sauvage Flood Side Marsh
PO-121-BPR HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Bayou Sauvage Protected Side Marsh/BLHW - Refuge
PO-121-FBR HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Fritchie BLH Wet - Refuge
PO-121-GT HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Golden Triangle
PO-121-L HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Labranche
PO-121-MBB HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Mitigation Bank BLH
PO-121-MBS HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Mitigation Bank Swamp
PO-121-MIM HSDRRS Mitigation LPV - Milton Island Marsh
PO-123 Katrina- Bayou Delasaire
PO-124 Katrina- Hopedale Lagoon
PO-125 Katrina- Adams Bay
PO-126 Katrina- Black Bay
PO-127 Katrina- Yellow Cotton Bay
PO-128 Katrina- Lake Robin
PO-129 MAS2 - Outreach
PO-133 Labranche Central Marsh Creation
PO-134 NRDA Biloxi Marsh INCR2
PO-141 Central Wetlands Diversion
PO-142 Hydrologic Restoration of the Amite River Diversion Canal
PO-144 Mississippi River Sediment Delivery System East
PO-145 LPV Task Force Guardian Mitigation - Bayou Sauvage
PO-146 Previously Authorized Mitigation LPV - Manchac
PO-147 Fontainebleau State Park Mitigation
PO-149-DED Isaac - Orleans Land Bridge SP - DED
PO-150 Joyce Wildlife Management Area
PO-152 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Doulluts Canal to Jahncke's Ditch)
PO-154 LPV-145a Bayou Bienvenue Swing Bridge Project
PO-16 Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 1
PO-17 Bayou LaBranche Wetland Creation
PO-18 Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge Hydrologic Restoration, Phase 2
PO-19 Mississippi River Gulf Outlet (MRGO) Disposal Area Marsh Protection
PO-22 Bayou Chevee Shoreline Protection
PO-24 Hopedale Hydrologic Restoration
PO-27 Chandeleur Islands Marsh Restoration
PO-29 River Reintroduction into Maurepas Swamp
PO-30 Lake Borgne Shoreline Protection
PO-33 Goose Point/Point Platte Marsh Creation
PO-34 Alligator Bend Marsh Restoration and Shoreline Protection
PO-35 (EB) Violet Diversion
PO-36 (EB) Orleans Land Bridge SP & Marsh Creation
PO-38SF MRGO Closure Structure
PO-39 Bald Cypress/Tupelo Coastal Forest Protection
PO-40 Hydrologic Restoration in the West Lake Maurepas Swamps
PO-41 Update of St. Bernard Parish Coastal Zone Management Plan
PO-42 West LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-43 East LaBranche Shoreline Protection
PO-44 Blind River Freshwater Diversion Property Purchase
PO-45 East Bank Wastewater Assimilation Plant
PO-46 Reserve Relief Canal Shoreline Protection Project
PO-48 Green Property Preservation Project
PO-49 French Property Preservation Project
PO-51 Mandeville Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project
PO-52 Lake Pontchartrain Shoreline Protection
PO-53 Wetland Wastewater Assimilation Process Planning
PO-55 Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity, IHNC Surge Barrier, LPV-IHNC-02
PO-56 Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity (HPO)
PO-57 SELA - Overall
PO-60 Permanent Canal Closures and Pump Stations
PO-61 St. Bernard Parish 40 Arpent Levee Repairs
PO-62 West Shore Lake Pontchartrain
PO-63 Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity
PO-63-00.2 LPV 00.2 Reach 1 Lakefront Levee Phase 2
PO-63-01.1 LPV 01.1 Reach 2 Lakefront Levee - Phase 1
PO-63-01.2 LPV 01.2 Foreshore Protection A - Phase 2
PO-63-02.2 LPV 02.2 Reach 3 Lakefront Levee - Phase 2
PO-63-03.2A LPV 03.2A West Return Wall (Southern Segment) Phase 2
PO-63-03.2B LPV 03.2B West Return Wall (Northern Segment) Phase 2
PO-63-03.2B.1 LPV 03.2B.1 West Return Floodwall (Northern Segment) LSRO (Landside Runoff Collection System)
PO-63-04.2A LPV 04.2A Reach 1A from Cross Bayou to St Rose and Gulf South Floodwall Phase 2
PO-63-04.2B LPV 04.2B Reach 1B from I-310 to Walker Drainage Structure Phase 2
PO-63-05.2A LPV 05.2A Reach 2A Shell Pipeline to Goodhope and Shell Pipeline Floodwall Replacement Phase 2
PO-63-05.2B LPV 05.2B Reach 2B from Good Hope to Cross Bayou
PO-63-06A.2 LPV 06a.2 Bayou Trepagnier Complex Floodwall Phase 2
PO-63-06C.2 LPV 06c.2 Goodhope Floodwall Phase 2
PO-63-06E.2 LPV 06e.2 Floodwall under I-310 Phase 2
PO-63-06F.2 LPV 06f.2 Illinois Central Railroad - Phase 2
PO-63-07B.2 LPV 07b.2 Cross Bayou Drainage Structure - Phase 2
PO-63-07D.2 LPV 07d.2 Almedia/Walker Structures Phase 2
PO-63-09.2 LPV 09.2 Pump Stations: Bonnabel, Suburban, Elmwood & Duncan
PO-63-09A.2 LPV 09a.2 Pumping Station No. 1 Bonnabel Breakwater - Phase 2
PO-63-12A.2 LPV 12a.2 Pumping Station No. 4 Duncan Breakwater - Phase 2
PO-63-16.2 LPV 16.2 Floodwall and Gate at Bonnabel Boat Launch - Phase 2
PO-63-17.2 LPV 17.2 Causeway Bridge abutment and Floodwall Tie-ins
PO-63-18.2 LPV 18.2 Floodwall and Gate at Williams Blvd. Boat Launch
PO-63-19.2 LPV 19.2 Reach 4 Lakefront Levee - Phase 2
PO-63-20.1 LPV 20.1 Reach 5 Lakefront Levee - Phase 1
PO-63-20.2 LPV 20.2 Foreshore Protection B - Phase 2
PO-63-3D.2 LPV 03d.2 Airport Runway10 Levee Phase 2
PO-63-4.1 LPV 04.1 Levee Reach 1A, 1B, & 2A Phase 1
PO-63-7C.2 LPV 07c.2 St. Rose Drainage Structure & Levee Phase 2
PO-63-LPV 101.02 LPV 101.02 - 17th St. Canal to Topaz St. T-Walls
PO-63-LPV 103.1A1 LPV 103.1A1 - Orleans Canal to London Av. Canal - Phase 1A
PO-63-LPV 103.1A2 LPV 103.1A2 - Rail St. & Lake Terrace Dr. Gates on Lakeshore Dr.
PO-63-LPV 104.01A LPV 104.01a - London Ave. Canal to IHNC - Phase 1A
PO-63-LPV 104.02A LPV 104.02a Gate at Norfolk Southern RR/Hayne Blvd Raise
PO-63-LPV 105.01 LPV 105.01 - Lakefront Airport East T-Wall and Seabrook Tie-In
PO-63-LPV 105.02 LPV 105.02 - Lakefront Airport T-Wall East
PO-63-LPV 106 LPV 106 - Citrus Lakefront Levee
PO-63-LPV 107 LPV 107 - Lincoln Beach Gate & T-Walls
PO-63-LPV 108 LPV 108 - Paris Rd. to South Point
PO-63-LPV 109.02A LPV 109.02a - South Point to CSX RR
PO-63-LPV 109.02B LPV 109.02b - Raising of I-10
PO-63-LPV 110 LPV 110 - CSX Gate Modification
PO-63-LPV 111.01 LPV 111.01 CSX RR to Michoud Canal Levees
PO-63-LPV 111.02 LPV 111.02 & 111.03 - Fronting Monoliths & IHNC Tie-In
PO-63-LPV 144.02 LPV 144.02 - Bayou Dupre Sector Gate
PO-63-LPV 145 LPV 145 - IHNC to Bayou Dupre T-Walls
PO-63-LPV 146 LPV 146 - Bayou Dupre to Hwy 46 T-Walls
PO-63-LPV 147 LPV 147 - Bayou Road Floodgate & Hwy 46 Gate
PO-63-LPV 148.02 LPV 148.02 - Hwy 46 to Caernarvon Floodwall T-Walls
PO-63-LPV 149 LPV 149 - Caernarvon Floodwall & Sector Gate
PO-63-LPV 192.02 LPV 192.02 - IHNC Buttress Slab & Berms
PO-63-LPV 192.03 LPV 192.03 - IHNC Relief Wells
PO-63-OFC 03A OFC 03A - London Avenue SWE Remediation
PO-63-OFC 03B OFC 03B - London Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
PO-63-OFC 03C OFC 03C - London Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
PO-63-OFC 04A OFC 04A - Orleans Avenue Canal SWE Remediation
PO-63-OFC 05 OFC 05 - 17th St. Canal, Remediation to Raise the Max Operating Level
PO-63-OFC 06 OFC 06 - Orleans Avenue Canal, Remediation to Raise the Max Operating Level
PO-63-OFC 07 OFC 07 London Avenue Canal, Remediation of Outfall Canals
PO-64 Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity Seabrook LPV-IHNC-01
PO-65 MRGO Ecosystem Restoration
PO-67 City of Slidell City Barn Pump Station
PO-68 LCA Small Diversion at Convent / Blind River
PO-69 LCA Amite River Diversion Canal Modification
PO-70 Northshore Beach Marsh Creation/Restoration
PO-71 Waterline Booster Pump Station, East Bank
PO-72 Biloxi Marsh
PO-73 Central Wetlands Demonstration
PO-73-1 Central Wetlands - Riverbend
PO-73-2 Central Wetlands - EBSTP to A2
PO-74 North Shore Hurricane/Flood Protection and Restoration Plan
PO-75 LaBranche East Marsh Creation
PO-82 St. Bernard Parish Government Building Wind Retrofit (St. Bernard Parish)
PO-83 City of Covington Hazard Mitigation Plan Update (St. Tammany Parish)
PO-84 Gentilly-Dillard University Drainage Project (Orleans Parish)
PO-85 Disaster Response and Emergency Community Safe Room (St. James Parish)
PO-87 Madisonville Bulkhead Project
PO-89 South Slidell Flood Control Project
PO-90 West Lac Des Allemands Shoreline Protection
PO-93 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Bayou Dupre Segment)
PO-94 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Bayou Bienvenue Segment)
PO-95 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Shell Beach Segment)
PO-96 MRGO and Lake Borgne (Vicinity of Shell Beach Segment)
PW-1646 Marsh Island Repairs
PW-1728 Montegut Wetland (Part 1-Repair/Maintenance)
PW-1906 Cote Blanche Repairs
PW-4257 Cameron Creole Structures
PW-4403 Holly Beach Sand Fencing
PW-8743 Hopedale Hydrological Structure
TE-01 Montegut Wetland
TE-02 Falgout Canal Wetland
TE-03 Bayou LaCache Wetland
TE-06 Pointe Au Chien Wetland
TE-07B Lower Petit Caillou
TE-080 Flood Protection Assistance - Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District
TE-081 University Patnerships
TE-082 Lost Lake Vegetation Project
TE-084 Emergency Reserve 2007 - Chabert Hospital Levee
TE-094 Houma Navigation Canal, Wine Island Barrier Island Restoration
TE-095 Montegut Wetlands (Mitigation)
TE-097 NRCS Vegetative Planting
TE-098 Caillou Lake- NRDA
TE-099 Katrina- Oyster Bayou
TE-100 NRDA Caillou Lake Headlands
TE-104 Hurricane Katrina - Lake Mechant
TE-105 Brown Marsh
TE-106 Raccoon Island Repair
TE-107 Spoilbank along the GIWW
TE-108 HNC Deepening Section 203 Study
TE-109 OPA_Mosquito Bay
TE-110 Increase Atchafalaya Flow to Terrebonne
TE-111 Valentine to Larose
TE-112 North Catfish Lake Marsh Creation
TE-113 Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex
TE-114 OPA_Hilcorp Energy Co_Bay St. Elaine (NRC#: 1036088)
TE-14 Point Farm Refuge Planting
TE-17 Falgout Canal Planting Demonstration
TE-18 Timbalier Island Vegetative Planting
TE-20 Isles Dernieres Restoration East Island
TE-22 Point Au Fer Canal Plugs
TE-23 West Belle Pass Headland Restoration
TE-24 Isles Dernieres Restoration Trinity Island
TE-25 East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration (TE-25)
TE-26 Lake Chapeau Sediment Input and Hydrologic Restoration, Point Au Fer Island
TE-27 Whiskey Island Restoration
TE-28 Brady Canal Hydrologic Restoration
TE-29 Raccoon Island Breakwaters Demonstration
TE-30 East Timbalier Island Sediment Restoration (TE-30)
TE-32A North Lake Boudreaux Basin Freshwater Introduction and Hydrologic Management
TE-34 Penchant Basin Natural Resources Plan, Increment 1
TE-36 Thin Mat Floating Marsh Enhancement Demonstration
TE-37 New Cut Dune and Marsh Restoration
TE-39-CU1 South Lake Decade Freshwater Introduction - CU1
TE-39-CU2 South Lake Decade Freshwater Introduction - CU2
TE-40 Timbalier Island Dune and Marsh Restoration
TE-41 Mandalay Bank Protection Demonstration
TE-43 GIWW Bank Restoration of Critical Areas in Terrebonne
TE-43 (EB) GIWW Bank Restoration (CIAP) of Critical Areas of Terrebonne
TE-44 North Lake Mechant Landbridge Restoration
TE-45 Terrebonne Bay Shore Protection Demonstration
TE-46 West Lake Boudreaux Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation
TE-47 Ship Shoal: Whiskey West Flank Restoration
TE-48 Raccoon Island Shoreline Protection/Marsh Creation Project
TE-49 Avoca Island Diversion and Land Building
TE-50 Whiskey Island Back Barrier Marsh Creation
TE-51 Madison Bay Marsh Creation and Terracing
TE-52 West Belle Pass Barrier Headland Restoration
TE-53 Enhancement of Barrier Island Vegetation Demo
TE-59 Attakapas Canal Hydrologic Restoration
TE-60 Lake Verret Swamp and Lake Rim Restoration
TE-63 Falgout Canal Freshwater Enhancement
TE-64 Morganza to the Gulf
TE-64-BGC MTG-Bayou Grand Caillou Barge Gate
TE-64-HNC MTG-Houma Navigation Canal Barge Gate
TE-64-MTG-BC MTG-Bush Canal Barge Gate
TE-64-MTG-F MTG-Reach F
TE-64-MTG-F LOWER MTG-Reach-F Lower (TE-64-MTG-F Lower)
TE-64-MTG-F MIT MTG-Reach F Mitigation (TE-64-MTG-Reach F Mitigation)
TE-64-MTG-H2 MTG-Reach H2
TE-64-MTG-H2/H3 MIT MTG-Reach H Mitigation (TE-64-MTG-Reach H2/H3 Mitigation)
TE-64-MTG-H3 MTG-Reach H3
TE-64-MTG-J1 MTG-Reach J1
TE-64-MTG-J2 MTG-Reach J2
TE-64-MTG-J3 MTG-Reach J3
TE-64-MTG-PC MTG-Placid Canal Barge Gate
TE-65 Larose to Golden Meadow - Flood Protection
TE-65-AE LGM - Section A East
TE-65-AW LGM - Section A West
TE-65-BN LGM - Section B North
TE-65-BS LGM - Section B South
TE-65-CN LGM - Section C North
TE-65-CS LGM - Section C South
TE-65-DN LGM - Section D North
TE-65-DS LGM - Section D South
TE-65-EN LGM - Section E North
TE-65-EN GAP LGM - Section E North Gap
TE-65-ES LGM - Section E South
TE-65-F LGM - Section F
TE-65-F&F LGM - Section Floodgate and Floodwall
TE-66 Central Terrebonne Freshwater Enhancement
TE-67 LCA Maintain Land Bridge Between Caillou Lake and Gulf of Mexico
TE-68 LCA Point Au Fer
TE-70 LCA Terrebonne Basin Barrier Shoreline Restoration
TE-72 Lost Lake Marsh Creation and Hydrologic Restoration
TE-73 Drainage Analysis, Evaluation and Improvments to Houma-Terrebonne Airport/Industrial Park (Houma Terrebonne Airport)
TE-74 Leonard J. Chabert Medical Center Wind Retrofit (LSU Terrebonne Parish)
TE-75 Golden Meadow Floodwall Improvements (Golden Meadow, Lafourche Parish)
TE-76 Pointe Aux Chene Drainage Improvements (Lafourche Parish)
TE-77 Emerald Park Drainage Improvements (Lafourche Parish)
TE-78 Cut-Off/Pointe Aux Chene Levee
TE-79 Morvant Drainage Improvement (Lafourche Parish)
TE-81 MMS Syed
TE-83 Terrebonne Bay Marsh Creation
TV-02A Hammock Lake
TV-02B Yellow Bayou
TV-03 Vermilion River Cutoff Bank Protection
TV-04 Cote Blanche Hydrologic Restoration
TV-06 Marsh Island Control Structures
TV-060 Flood Protection Assistance - St. Mary Parish
TV-061 Flood Protection Assistance - City of Morgan City
TV-062 Flood Protection Assistance - Town of Berwick
TV-09 Boston Canal/Vermilion Bay Bank Protection
TV-11 Freshwater Bayou Bank Protection
TV-11B Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization - Belle Isle Canal to Lock
TV-11B (EB) Freshwater Bayou Bank Stabilization (CIAP)
TV-11B.1 Acadiana to the Gulf of Mexico Access Channel (AGMAC)
TV-12 Little Vermilion Bay Sediment Trapping
TV-13A Oaks/Avery Canal Hydrologic Restoration, Increment 1
TV-13B Oaks/Avery Structures
TV-14 Marsh Island Hydrologic Restoration
TV-15 Sediment Trapping at "The Jaws"
TV-16 Cheniere Au Tigre Sediment Trapping Demonstration
TV-17 Lake Portage Land Bridge
TV-18 Four Mile Canal Terracing and Sediment Trapping
TV-19 Weeks Bay Marsh Creation and Shore Protection/Commercial Canal Freshwater Redirection
TV-20 Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection
TV-21 East Marsh Island Marsh Creation
TV-24 Weeks Bay/Commercial Canal Marsh Creation and Shoreline Protection
TV-25 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - Port Road over Rodere Lateral
TV-28 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - Port Road over Commercial Canal
TV-30 Port of Iberia Bridge Replacement - David Dubois Road over Commercial Canal
TV-31 Acadiana Regional Airport Street Improvements - Admiral Doyle Drive
TV-32 Lake Sand Terracing
TV-33 Lake Tom/Lake Michael Terracing
TV-35 Vermilion Bay Shoreline Restoration
TV-36 Planning Assistance and Administration (St. Mary Parish)
TV-37 Burns Point Recreation Park Improvements
TV-38 Thorguson Road Improvements
TV-40 Vermilion Parish CZM Planning and Development
TV-41 Shoreline Protection on Southwest Point at Southwest Pass
TV-4355NP1 Quintana Canal/Cypremort Point
TV-44 Henry Hub Acess Improvements - Highway 331 Realignment
TV-45 Shoreline Protection and Marsh Creation at Tiger Point
TV-46 Henry Hub Access Improvements - Charlie Field Road Bridge Replacement
TV-49 Intracoastal City Street Improvements
TV-50 Henry Hub Access Improvements - Charlie Field Road Improvements
TV-51 Oyster Reef Parallel to Cheniere au Tigre
TV-52 Franklin Floodgate Sinkable Barge and Pump Station
TV-53 North Prong Schooner Bayou
TV-54 South Central Coastal Plan
TV-55 Morgan City/ St Mary Flood Protection
TV-56 Four-Mile Canal Storm Surge Reduction Construction
TV-57 Delcambre-Avery Canal (E&D)
TV-58 Flood Control Structure at Boston Canal
TV-60 Front Ridge Chenier Terracing/Protection
TV-63 Cole's Bayou Marsh Restoration
TV-64 Cheniere Au Tigre
TV-65 Rainey Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Earthen Terraces
TV-66 Teche Vermilion Fresh Water District
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