LDNR Office Of Conservation

Codes and Terminology used on Scout Report

Code Description
01 Permitted
03 Permit Expired w/date of expiration
04 Drilling (Sidetrack of Existing Well)
05 Drilling (New drill/Re-entry/Re-Permit)
06 WOCR - waiting on completion rig
07 Operations Suspended
08 WOSP - waiting on state potential
09 IN TEST - used only in North Louisiana
10 Completion
12 Recompletion
18 Temporarily Abandoned
29 Plugged - Dry Hole
31 Dry Hole with future utility
32 Dry Hole no future utility
33 Future utility
ALG along
BCPD barrels of condensate per day
BGL below ground level
BHA bottom hole assembly
BHL bottom hole location
BML below mud line
BOL bottom of liner
BOP blow out preventers
BOPD barrels of oil per day
BP bridge plug
BS&W barrels OF sediment AND water
BWPD barrels of water per day
C&C circulating AND conditioning mud
CHOKE choke size_/64" (1=positive, 2 - adjustable)
CIBP cast iron bridge plug
CIRC circulating
CMT cement
COND conditioning
COR corner
CP casing pressure (also see conductor pipe when associated with setting pipe in well)
CP conductor pipe (also see casing pressure when associated with oil/gas test data)
CSG casing
DHT dry hole tree
DO drilled OUT
DP drill pipe
DRLG drilling in progress
DS directional survey
EL electric log
EZSV type of squeeze tool
FEL from east line
FISHING the procedure used to remove stuck pipe or debris in hole
FNL from north line
FR from
FSL from south line
FTP flowing tubing pressure
FWL from west line
GOR gas/oil ratio
GVTY gravity (API @60 degrees)
K/O kick off
L/D laying down
LDW deepening of existing well work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LNR liners
LOC location
LPA plug and abandon work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LST sidetrack of existing work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LTA temporary abandon work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
MCF/D thousand cubic feet per day
MD measured depth
N/D nipple down
N/U nippling up
NWLY northwesterly
OBM oil based mud
OH open hole
OPS operations
PBHL proposed bottom hole location
PBTD plugged back total depth
PERFS perforated interval
PKR packer
PM (Producing method) F=flowing GL=gas lift P=pumping
POOH pulling out of hole
R/D rigging down
R/U rigging up
RA's right angles
RIH running IN hole
RR released rig
S/T side track
SITP shut-in tubing pressure
SL section line OR surface location
SPUD spud date (the actual date that DRILLING began)
SQZ squeeze
SWLY southwesterly
SXS sacks
TBG tubing
TD total depth
TH thence (always used IN describing the location OF the well)
TIH tripping in hole
TOC top of cement
TOL top of liner
TVD true vertical depth
W/R wash and ream
WH Well History and Work Resume Report
WOC waiting on cement
WOO waiting on orders
WOSP waiting on State Potential