Louisiana DNR Glossary of Terms

Term Description
ABANDONED WELL A well no longer in use, whether dry, inoperable or no longer productive, and the previous operator has intentionally relinquished its interest in the well.
Orphan Wells By Parish
ACTIVE WELL As shown on Conservation screens is not necessarily a well that is producing but a well that has not been officially plugged and abandoned.
ALLOWABLE The daily rate of oil or gas that a well is permitted by state authorities to produce during a given period.
Lafayette Gas Proration Schedule Monroe Gas Proration Schedule Shreveport Gas Proration Schedule
Lafayette Oil Proration Schedule -Monroe Oil Proration Schedule -Shreveport Oil Proration Schedule
ALLOWABLE ACTION Type/ Description 1 - Completion 2 - Re-comp 3 - Re-test 4 - Correction 5 - Test Clearance 6 - Cancellation 7- Oper Change 8- Test Allowable
ALLUVIAL AQUIFERS A water-bearing deposit of unconsolidated material (sand and gravel) left behind by a river or other flowing water.
ANTICLINE A fold in layered rocks originating below the surface in the form of an elongated dome. Anticlines make excellent drilling prospects since any oil in the deposit will naturally rise to the highest point of the structure because oil has a lower specific gravity than water
AOR Area of Review
API The API (American Petroleum Institute) number assigned to a well. The API is a unique numeric identifier for a hole in the ground.
API Offshore Area Code Information-- Wells by API Number
API GRAVITY The specific gravity or density of oil expressed in terms of a scale devised by the American Petroleum Institute. The lighter the oil, the greater the gravity; other factors being equal, the higher the API gravity, the better price the oil will bring.
Well Test Information
API GRAVITY OF A LIQUID (141.5/Specific Gravity) - 131.5
AQUIFER SYSTEM Group of two or more aquifers which are hydraulically connected, meaning that water can flow from one to the other
AQUIFERS A water bearing stratum of permeable rock, sand or gravel.
AREA The divisions within a district. There are two areas: onshore and offshore (see explanations for each in this glossary.)
Area Code Information
ARTESIAN AQUIFERS An acquifer where the water is under sufficient head (pressure) to cause it to rise above the zone of saturation if the opportunity were afforded for it to do so.
ARTIFICIAL LIFT Indicated on the Completion Report, Potential Report and DM-1-R
BARREL A unit of measurement equal to 42 U.S. gallons computed from 100% tank tables, based upon actual physical gauge, and corrected for temperature to 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius). The full BS&W per centum should be deducted after making corrections for temperature.
BASIC SEDIMENT AND WATER (BS&W) Impurities and water contained in the fluid produced by an oil well.
Well Test Information
BCPD Abbreviation for Barrels of Condensate Per Day
BGL Abbreviation for Below Ground Level
BHA Abbreviation for Bottom Hole Assembly
BHL Abbreviation for Bottom Hole Location
BIT A bit is the drilling tool that bores or cuts into the earth. There are two basic types: the cable tool bit which moves up and down the hole, striking the bottom, chipping away the rock, and the rotary bit which revolves to grind the rock. The rotary is the modern technique used in most drilling operations.
BLOWOUT An unexpected violent eruption of oil and gas from a well during the drilling phase of operation. This happens when high pressure gas is encountered and the proper precautions have not been taken. The initial eruption is followed by an uncontrolled flow of fluids from the well.
BLOWOUT PREVENTER A "BOP" is a large, specially designed valve that is mounted on top of the well during the drilling and completion stages of operation. The operator can close this valve to stop the flow of oil or gas in case of emergency.
BML Abbreviation for Below Mud Line
BOL Abbreviation for Bottom of Liner
BOP Abbreviation for Blowout Preventer
BOPD Abbreviation for Barrel Oil Per Day
BOTTOM HOLE The bottom hole location of a well.
BOTTOM HOLE PRESSURE The pressure at the bottom of a well. When the well is flowed, a decline in pressure occurs. The amount of decline in pressure related to the amount of oil production will give an engineer information regarding the reserves of the well.
Well Test Information
BP Abbreviation for Bridge Plug
BRAUN-BLANQUET RANK 1. A category assigned to indicated vegetation species based on a percent cover estimate. 2. A category used to identify vegetation species compositions and abundances.
BS&W An acronym for Basic Sediment and Water.
BSW Abbreviation for Barrels Salt Water
BTU British Thermal Unit.The amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a pound of water 1o Fahrenheit. A BTU is used as a common measure of heating value for different fuels. Prices of different fuels and their units of measure (dollars per barrel of crude, dollars per ton of coal, cents per gallon of gasoline, cents per thousand cubic feet of natural gas) can be easily compared when expressed as dollars and cents per million BTUs.
BWPD Abbreviation for Barrels of Water Per Day
C&C Abbreviation for Circulating AND Conditioning mud
CASING Pipe cemented in the well to seal off formation fluids or keep the hole from caving in.
Well Engineering Information
CASING PRESSURE The pressure built up between the casing and the tubing.
Well Test Information
CASING TEST Affidavit of Test of Casing in Well
CASINGHEAD GAS (OIL WELL GAS) Associated and dissolved gas produced along with crude oil from oil completions.
CHG Abbreviation for Casinghead Gas
CHOKE A device inserted in a flow line to regulate the rate of flow.
Well Test Information
CHRISTMAS TREE The system of pipes, valves, gauges and related equipment that is located on the well at ground level and that controls the flow of gas and other petroleum products produced from the well.
CIAP The Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) was authorized by Congress under 903 of the Commerce, State, Justice FY2001 appropriations act to assist states in mitigating the impacts from Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) oil and gas production. Louisiana is one of the seven coastal states selected to receive funds under this appropriation to implement this program.
Coastal Impact Assistance Program
CIBP Abbreviation for Cast Iron Bridge Plug
CIRC Abbreviation for Circulating
CLOSING STOCK The closing inventory at the end of a month after production has been added and disposition subtracted.
OGP Data Entry
CMD Coastal Management Division-The division within the Office of Coastal Restoration and Management(OCRM) which is responsible for the coastal zone regulatory program.
Coastal Management Division
CMT Abbreviation for Cement
CNPCP Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program - Required by the Coastal Zone Act Re-Authorization Amendments (CZARA) of 1990 this partnered program is implemented by the LDNR/CMD and the Department of Environmental Quality.
Coastal NonPoint Pollution Control Program
COAST 2050 COAST 2050 is a joint planning initiative among the Louisiana Wetland Conservation and Restoration Authority, the Breaux Act Task Force, and the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Authority. This Partnership is embarking on the development of a strategic plan to protect and sustain the state's coastal resources for future generations in a manner that is consistent with the welfare of the people.
COAST 2050
COASTAL USE PERMIT Applying for a Coastal Use Permit (CUP)
COMMERCIAL FACILITY A location which is permitted by Injection and Mining Division to receive, treat, reclaim,store, and/or dispose of Exploration and Production Waste.
COMMINGLING FACILITY A production facility for the commingling of gas and/or liquid hydrocarbons from more than one lease/unit. This requires the use of methods other than gauge tanks for allocation of production.
COMMON BATTERY A production storage facility into which combined production from lease wells and/or unit wells is stored, and all lease wells and/or unit wells contain the same division of ownership.
COMPLETION A general term referring to all activities necessary to put a well on production after it has been drilled to casing point.
COMPLETION DATE The date a well is opened to be tested or produced after being perforated
COMPLETION FLUIDS Any fluid utilized to complete the well, which is primarily composed of water and depending on downhole conditions, various additives.
COMPLIANCE Compliance is based upon three levels of enforcement: the notice, the order and the written management letter (another form of order). Penalties may or may not be associated with notices or orders. Compliance is based upon clear indication of the violation or condition to be corrected and clear statements of the actions needed to comply.
COMPRESSOR STATION A facility containing equipment that is used to increase pressure to compress natural gas for transportation.
COND An abbreviation for condensate measured in barrels per day, which applies to gas wells.
CONDENSATE The liquid hydrocarbons recovered at the surface that result from condensation due to reduced pressure or temperature of petroleum hydrocarbons existing initially in a gaseous state in the reservoir. Also known as a by-product of natural gas.
CONSERVATION FIELD The general area which is under laid or appeared to be under laid by a least one pool. It includes underground reservoirs containing crude petroleum oil or natural gas or both.
Field Listing-- Field List by Requested District & Area-- Fields by Parish
CONSERVATION FIELD ORDER An order regarding the creation or changing of oil or gas units, or authorizing particular production practice.
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CONTINUOUS HYDROGRAPHIC DATA Hydrographic data (e.g., salinity, water temperature, water level) that is collected at least hourly, but in some cases more frequently, from electronic monitoring equipment deployed throughout the coastal zone.
COORDINATES X and Y values which define a location in a coordinate system
COR Abbreviation for Corner
CP (CASING PRESSURE) Abbreviation for Casing Pressure (Also see conductor pipe when associated with setting pipe in well)
CP (CONDUCTOR PIPE) Abbreviation for Conductor Pipe (also see casing pressure when associated with Oil/gas test data)
CSG Abbreviation for Casing
CTC (CALCULATED THEORETICAL CONDENSATE) The amount of condensate (allocated back to leases) that normally would be separated by conventional methods from natural gas well volumes flowing full stream directly to a plant without any condensate separation having been made at the lease or at the plant .
CUPS Coastal Use Permit System
CUTTING OR SAMPLES Pieces of rock cut out of the formation by the bit and circulated to the surface by the mud. Geologists study this rock for signs of oil and gas as the well is drilled.
CUTTINGS Solids which have been dislodged by the drilling bit and brought to the surface in drilling mud.
CWPPRA Louisiana is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Approximately 40 percent of the coastal wetlands of the lower 48 states is located in Louisiana. This fragile environment is disappearing at an alarming rate. Louisiana has lost up to 40 square miles of marsh a year for several decades - that's 80 percent of the nation's annual coastal wetland loss. If the current rate of loss is not slowed, by the year 2040 an additional 800,000 acres of wetlands will disappear, and the Louisiana shoreline will advance inland as much as 33 miles in some areas. This prompted Congress to pass the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act(CWPPRA) in 1990. It funds wetland enhancement projects nationwide, designating approximately $50 million annually for work in Louisiana.
CYCLIC BILLING Billing that occurs on a regular, periodic basis, as for OR-1 renewals or LEAS subscriptions renewals.
DATUM A point, line, or surface reference from which coordinate systems are derived for surveying and mapping.
DCP Data Collection Platform. These platforms hold electronic monitoring equipment that collects continuous hydrographic data that is transmitted to DNR via satellite in near real-time.
DERRICK Steel structure mounted over the bore hole to support the drill pipe and other equipment which is lowered and raised during drilling operations.
DHT Abbreviation for Dry HoleTree
DISCOVERY DATE Date assigned to discovery of a new field.
DISCOVERY WELL The first oil or gas well drilled in a new field.
DISCRETE HYDROGRAPHIC DATA Hydrographic Data (e.g., salinity, water temperature, water level) that is collected usually monthly by DNR staff at monitoring stations located throughout the coastal zone.
DISPOSAL WELL Well used for disposal of waste fluids into an underground formation.
DISPOSITION The amount of crude and or condensate disposed of to a transporter shown on an OGP Report. Disposition of crude and or condensate must agree with receipts shown by transporter on Form R-2 Monthly Transporter's and Storer's Reports.
DISPOSITION POINT A code for the point at which a purchaser or transporter may assume custody of liquids. The disposition point can be a lease, unit, well, commingling facility, common battery, lease battery or a gas well.
R4 Disposition Information
DISTRICT OFFICE Office Of Conservation field offices; district offices are located in Lafayette, Monroe and Shreveport.
Lafayette-- Monroe-- Shreveport
DM-1R Oil Well Potential Report
Well Test Information
DNR Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
DO Abbreviation for Drilled OUT
DOCUMENT ACCESS The SONRIS Electronic Document Access Component consists of a respository of scanned images of documents, accessible via your web browser and a free FileNet Corporation add-on named Panagon IDM Viewer, available via download or on CDROM.
Document Access Tour
DOWNHOLE COMBINATION The term "Downhole Combination" refers to a well producing more than one sand simultaneously. An application is submitted in letter form which describes the circumstances of the application with attachments. Downhole Combination
DP Abbreviation for Drill Pipe
DRILLING The act of boring into the earth.
DRILLING MUD A mixture of clays, water, and chemicals used in drilling operations to lubricate and cool the drill bit, carry drilling wastes to the surface, prevent the walls of the well from collapsing, and to keep the upward flow of oil or gas under control
DRIP POINTS Unit assigned an 800000 series unit code number.
Drip Point Information by Field--- Drip Point Information by Name--- Drip Point Information by Organization
DRLG Abbreviation for Drilling in Progress
DRY GAS Natural gas that is produced without liquids; also, a gas that has been treated to remove all liquids.
DRY HOLE An unsuccessful well, drilled without finding commercial quantities of oil or gas.
DS Abbreviation for Directional Survey
DT-1 Gas Well Deliverability Test
Well Test Information
DW Deep Well
EL Abbreviation for Electric Log
ELECTRIC LOGS Recording that indicates the well's rock formation characteristics by different responses to electric current.
Electric Logs & Directional Survey
EMERGENCY CLEARANCE Office of Conservation approval to move legally produced liquids pending submittal and approval of Form R-4.
ENERGY RATED HOMES OF LOUISIANA (ERHL) This program performs evaluation and rating of energy efficiency in homes, provides training on how to perform ratings, and promotes "energy efficient mortgages.
"Energy Rated Homes of Louisiana
ENHANCED RECOVERY Enhanced recovery is the process of extracting oil or gas from a reservoir by the infusion of fluids or gases via an injection well.
Enhanced Recovery Pilot Project
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery. Enhanced oil recovery is the process of extracting oil resources from a reservoir by the infusion of fluids or gases via an injection well.
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION WASTE Exploration & Production waste is defined as drilling wastes, salt water, and other wastes associated with the exploration, development, or production of crude oil or natural gas wells and which is not regulated by the provisions of, and, therefore, exempt from the Louisiana Hazardous Waste Regulations and the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, as amended. Exploration and Production Waste is commonly referred to as E&P waste.
EXPLORATORY WELL A well in an area where petroleum has not been previously found or one targeted for formations above or below known reservoirs
EZSV Type of squeeze tool
FACILITY The physical location where a product is produced, metered, stored, delivered, received or processed.
FAQS Frequently asked questions  FAQs
FECAL COLIFORM FECAL COLIFORM A measure of fecal coliform bacteria in water. This parameter is used as an indicator of water contamination.
FEDERAL CONSISTENCY The authorization process, through the CMD, for projects that are in or affect the coastal zone and have some form of federal incolvement.
Federal Consistency Section
FEL Abbreviation for From east line
FIELD The general area which is underlaid or appears to be underlaid by at least one pool. It includes underground reservoirs containing crude petroleum oil or natural gas or both. Also known as a Conservation Field.
Field Listing-- Field List by Requested District & Area-- Fields by Parish
FIELD ORDER See Conservation Field Order. .
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FISHERMAN'S GEAR COMPENSATION PROGRAM The purpose of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Fisherman's Gear Compensation Fund is to provide compensation or reimbursement to qualifying Louisiana commercial fishermen for damages to vessels or gear caused by encounters with obstructions located in state waters within the coastal zone.
Fisherman's Gear
FISHING The procedure used to remove stuck pipe or debris in hole
FLARING The controlled and safe burning of gas which cannot be used for commercial or technical reasons.
FLOW LINE A pipe through which gas travels from a well to processing equipment or to storage.
FLOWING WELL A well which produces oil or gas without any means of artificial lift.
FNL Abbreviation for From north line
FORM A D Report of Proof of Apparent Deviation.
FORM A D C Application for Dual Completion
FORM DM-1R Oil Well Potential Report
Well Test Information
FORM DT-1 Gas Well Deliverability Test
Well Test Information
FORM OGP Operator's Monthly Oil and Gas Production Report
OGP Data Entry
FORM OR-1 Organization/Transporter Permit and Annual Registration Form
Organizations (OR-1) Information-- Organization Search -- Organization Officer/Contact Search
FORM P L T Packer Leakage Test
FORM P S Packer Setting Certificate
FORM PA-35 Form filed for a temporary inactive well ,with no stock on hand, to be omitted from the Operators Oil and Gas Monthly Production Report.
FORM R-2 Monthly Transporter and Storers Report
R2 Data Entry-- R2 Oil Transporter/Storer Information
FORM R-3 Refiner's Monthly Report.
R3 Data Entry-- R3 Refiner Information
FORM R-4 Operator's Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Transport Oil From Lease.
R4 & Emergency Clearance Information
FORM R-6 Gasoline and/or Cycling Plant Monthly Report.
R6 Data Entry-- R6 Gasoline and/or Cycling Plant Info
FORM R5D Operator's Monthly Gas Disposition Report.
R5D Data Entry--R5D Gas Disposition Ledger
FORM R5T Natural Gas Transporter's Monthly Report.
R5T Data Entry-- R5T Natural Gas Transporter Information
FORM RC Oil and Gas Import/Export Summary
Imports & Exports by Company by Month-- Imports & Exports by State/Country by Year
FORM SDM-2 Louisiana State Potential Report
FORM UIC-10 Annual Saltwater Disposal Well Report
Saltwater Disposal Report
FORM UIC-13 Community Saltwater Disposal Well/System Notification Certification
FORM UIC-14 Application for Annular Disposal of Reserve Pit Fluids
FORM UIC-26 Waste Refusal Notification
Waste Refusal Notification (UIC-26)
FORM UIC-28 Nonhazardous Oilfield Waste Shipping Control Ticket commonly referred to as a Manifest. Copies of the manifest may be ordered by completing a Manifest Request Form
Class I Manifest
FORM UIC-29 Approval for after-hours disposal is granted on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Injection and Mining Division at 225/342-5515.
FORM UIC-5 Injection Well Integrity Test Affidavit
FORMATION PRESSURE Pressure at the bottom of a well that is shut-in.
FR Abbreviation for From
FRACING The process of pumping fluids into a productive formation at high rates of injection to hydraulically break the rock. The "fractures" which are created in the rock act as flow channels for the oil and gas to the well.
FRACTIONATION The process whereby saturated hydrocarbons from natural gas are separated into distinct parts or "fractions" such as propane, butane, ethane, etc.
FSL Abbreviation for From south line
FTP Abbreviation for Flowing tubing pressure
FU Future Utilities
FUEL AND SHRINKAGE The difference between the amount of gas produced at the wellhead and the gas that enters a pipeline that can be associated with providing energy to lease equipment or removal of solution gas. The losses include but are not limited to those from the separation process and field use, as well as fuel, flare gas and plant liquids extraction.
FWL Abbreviation for From west line
G Abbreviation for Gas
GAS CAP In a field containing both gas and oil, some gas will often collect at the top of the reservoir in a single deposit known as a gas cap.
GAS CONTAINING NO WATER VAPOR, SAME AS LEAN GAS. DRY GAS Gas containing no water vapor, same as lean gas.
GAS LIFT The process of raising or lifting fluid from a well by means of gas injected down the well through tubing or tubing casing annulus. Injected gas aerates the fluid to make it exert less pressure than the formation pressure, consequently forcing the fluid out of the wellbore.
GAS PROD Abbreviation for gas production
GAS WELL A well capable of producing natural gas.
GATHERING LINE A pipeline that transports oil or gas from a central point of production to a transmission line or mainline.
GEMS Gulf Ecological Management Sites. A Gulf Ecological Management Site (GEMS) is a geographic area that has special ecological significance to the continued production of fish, wildlife and other natural resources or that represents unique habitats.
Gulf Ecological Management Sites
GIS The current SONRIS Interactive Maps application was implemented in March 2001 with ESRI ArcIMS, ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial and database applications. It replaced an existing DNR oil and gas well and field location Web site which had been in existence since August 1998. The current Web site has many more data and image layers and greater functionality. It is enhanced regularly depending on user requests, improvements in GIS web technology and data availability/improvement. GIS data used on this Web site are generated by DNR and other agencies (see Layer Information).
Gis Interactive Map--GIS Access Map Tutorial--GIS Glossary
GIS GLOSSARY GIS Glossary of Terms
GOR An acronym for gas-oil ratio, which applies to oil wells. The GOR is the number of cubic feet of gas produced with a barrel of oil.
Well Test Information
GRAVITY ADJUSTMENT Oil from each area has a specific gravity or mass. The greater the specific gravity the more difficult the oil is to refine and lower the sale price. The gravity adjustment is an adjustment made to a standard price for a gravity less than or greater than the standard. The specific gravity or mass and the gravity adjustment have to do with geologists and engineers, and are determined by the Office of Conservation.
GROUNDWATER Water that is found underground in the cracks and spaces in soil, sand and rock .Groundwater Resource Division
GVTY Abbreviation for gravity (API @60 degrees)
HEAVY LOUISIANA SWEET (HLS) API gravity 33 degrees or lower.
HERO Home Energy Rebate Option
Home Energy Rebate Option
HLS Heavy Louisiana Sweet -API gravity 33 degrees or lower.
HORIZONTAL DRILLING To drill a well from the surface, vertically down to a certain level, and then to turn at a right angle, and continue drilling horizontally within a specified reservoir, or an interval of a reservoir.
HUB A location where several pipelines interconnect. Also know as a market center.
HYDROLOGIC CYCLE The cycle of water movement from the atmosphere to the earth and back to the atmosphere through various processes. These processes include: precipitation, infiltration, percolation, storage, evaporation, transpiration and condensation.
HYDROLOGY The Science dealing with the properties, distribution and circulation of water.
IMD Injection and Mining Division of the Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation
INACTIVE WELL As shown on Conservation screens is a well that is in status 03 - expired permit, 28-no responsible party, 29-plugged dry hole, 30-plugged and abandoned.
INJECTION WELL A well used for injecting fluids into a formation in an attempt to increase recovery efficiency.
K/O Abbreviation for Kick off
KB Abbreviation for Kelly bushing
KELLY BUSHING Drilling rig equipment that fits inside the rotary table and is also used as a reference point on logs to calculate depth.
L/D Abbreviation for Laying down
LACT Lease Automatic Custody Transfer
LAGIC Louisiana Geographic Information Center - LAGIC was established by the Louisiana GIS Council (LGISC) and the Louisiana Office of E-Services to facilitate the distribution of geographic information, provide technical assistance, and support GIS data development among state, federal, and local government.
Louisiana Geographic Information Center
LANDSAT NASA earth orbiting satellites that gather imagery for multi-use interpretations.
LCA Louisiana Coastal Area. Louisiana Comprehensive Coastwide Ecosystem Restoration Study
Louisiana Coastal Area
LCP Local Coastal Program - A parish run program which is federally and state approved and issues coastal use permits for uses of local concern.
Local Coastal Program
LDW Abbreviation for Deepening of existing well work premit approved in Lafayette District Office
LEASE An agreement between the operator and the landowner which gives the operator the right to go on property for the purpose of exploring and exploiting for mineral resources. Also, the term or title generally applied to and used interchangeable with property.
LEASE BATTERY A production storage facility containing crude and/or condensate produced from wells on one lease. The lease battery code is assigned to facilitate data processing of disposition since Form R-2, Monthly Transporters and Storers Report, reports receipt as one total and the Forms OGP, Operators Monthly Oil and/or Gas Production Report show delivery from each gas well and crude lease.
LEASE SALE Guidelines for State Mineral Lease Sales--Lease Sale Schedule
LEASE USE GAS Produced gas used in the operation of lease equipment. Generally State Lease Agreements specify this gas as royalty bearing.
LIGHT LOUISIANA SWEET (LLS) API gravity higher than 33 degrees
LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS Super cooled natural gas that is maintained as a liquid at -160 degrees C.
LLS Light Louisiana Sweet - API gravity higher than 33 degrees.
LNR Abbreviation for Liners
LOC Abbreviation for Location
LOSCO Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office - Our mission is to respond to oil spill events, restore natural resources, protect economic infrastructure, and safeguard public health. Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office
LOUISIANA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE Is a state-certified publication that provides a set of permanent rules which have been formally adopted or amended by Louisiana state agencies. Office of State Register
LPA Abbreviation for Plug and abandon work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LST Abbreviation for Sidetrack of existing work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LTA Abbreviation for Temporary abandon work permit approved in Lafayette District Office
LUW OR WELL NAME CODE An identification code assigned to a well located on a particular lease, unit, or a gas lease well. LUW codes that start with a: 3=gas lease, 6=gas unit, 7=reservoir, 8=drip points scrubbers, 9=saltwater disposal systems
LUW Information by Code Number-- LUWs by Name
LUW TYPE An identification number used with the LUW Code representing the following: 1= lease,2= Unit, 3= Natural Gas Well, 7= Gas Lease
LUW Type Code Information
MASIP Maximum Authorized Surface Injection Pressure
MCF Acronym for Thousands of Cubic Feet. A Unit of measurement that all natural gas volumes are reported at 15.025 pounds absolute pressure and at 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees C)
MCF/D Abbreviation for Thousand cubic feet per day
MD Abbreviation for Measured depth
MD-10-R Application for (or to Renew) Permit to Drill for Minerals. It is the initial application submitted by a company to drill a well in the State of Louisiana. Drilling is governed by the rules and regulations of Title 43 and especially Statewide Order 29-B.Permit to Drill
MD-10-RA Application to Amend Permit to Drill for Minerals. An amended Permit to Drill is accomplished by submitting the MD-10-R-A (pink card) application. It is used to perform actions on the well, such as changes in the Parish, Field, Operator, Well Name (Lease to Lease, Lease to Unit, Unit to Lease or Unit to Unit), Well Number, Well Location, and conversion to a Salt Water Disposal well.Amend Permit to Drill
MD-13-R Permit to Drill for Minerals.
MD-15-R Amended Permit to Drill for Minerals
MD-15-RC Amended Permit to Drill for Minerals (Corrected)
MD-19 Authority to Produce or Cancellation of Allowable Letter. A form issued by the District Offices to change, correct, or cancel an existing allowable or to issue a test or special clearance within a given period.
MEASURED DEPTH Actual length of the well bore.
MIPT Mechanical Integrity Pressure Test.
MMCF Abbreviation for One million cubic feet.
MMS Minerals Management Service - The Minerals Management Service (MMS), a bureau within the Department of Interior, regulates and manages the development of mineral resources in the Federal waters off the nation's shores. MMS also collects, audits and distributes all mineral revenues from these federal waters as well as from mineral resources on both Federal and Indian lands.
Minerals Management Service
MUD Drilling fluid used to lubricate the drill string, line, the walls of the well, flush cutting to the surface and create enough weight to prevent blowouts.
MULTIPLE COMPLETION The completion of any well so as to permit simultaneous production from two or more common sources of supply. Such common sources of supply are completely segregated.
N/D Abbreviation for Nipple down
N/U Abbreviation for Nippling up
NAD North American Datum. A point, line, or surface refrence from which coordinate systems are derived for surveying and mapping in North America. DNR has location data in both the NAD-27 (derived in 1927) and NAD-83(derived in 1983 forms. Oil and gas survey data is collected and stored primarily in NAD-27 while coastal data is collected and stored in primarily NAD-83 data.
NAD-27 Is based on the Clark speroid of 1866 with an initial point at Meades Ranch, Kansas.
NAD-83 Is based on the Geodetic Refrence System 1980 ellipsoid.
NATURAL GAS A mixture of hydrocarbons and varying quantities of non-hydrocarbons that exist either in the gaseous phase or in solution with crude oil in natural underground reservoirs.
NATURAL GAS LIQUIDS Hydrocarbons that are gaseous in the reservoir, but will separate out in liquid form at the pressures and temperatures at which separators normally operate. The liquids consist of varying proportions of butane, propane, pentane,and heavier fractions, with little or no methane or ethane.
NFU No future utilities
NGPA Natural Gas Pricing Act.
NOW Nonhazardous Oilfield Waste.
NWLY Abbreviation for Northwesterly
O Abbreviation for Oil
OBM Abbreviation for Oil based mud
OFFICE OF COASTAL RESTORATION AND MANAGEMENT The Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources/Office of Coastal Restoration and Management is responsible for the construction of projects aimed at creating, protecting and restoring the state's wetlands. The majority of coastal restoration projects are funded through the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA).
Office of Coastal Restoration and Management
OFFICE OF CONSERVATION The Office of Conservation has primary statutory responsibility for regulation and conservation of oil, gas, lignite, and other natural resources.
Office of Conservation
OFFICE OF MINERAL RESOURCES The Office of Mineral Resources was established to provide staff support to the State Mineral Board in granting and administering leases on state-owned lands and waterbottoms for the production and development of minerals, primarily oil and gas, for the purpose of optimizing revenue to the state from the royalties, bonuses and rentals generated therefrom.
Office of Mineral Resources
OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY The Executive Program in the Office of the Secretary serves as the executive management and policy agency. The Office of the Secretary provides for the administration, control, and operation of the functions, programs, and other affairs of the department.
Office of The Secretary
OFFSHORE The area off the coast of Louisiana lying south and/or Seaward of the Chapman Line (Shoreline) to the Supreme Court Decree Line of June 16, 1975.
Offshore Wells By Parish
OGP Operator's Monthly Oil and Gas Production Report
OGP Data Entry
OH Abbreviation for Open hole
OIL Crude petroleum oil and other hydrocarbons, regardless of gravity, which are produced at the wellhead in liquid form by ordinary production methods.
OIL PROD Abbreviation for oil production
OIL-BASED DRILLING MUD Any oil-based drilling fluid composed of a water in oil emulsion and organophillis clays which may contain additives for downhole stability such as fluid loss control materials, thinners, weighing agents, etc.
OILFIELD SITE RESTORATION The Oilfield Site Restoration Section is responsible for the preparation of all bid packages for abandonment of orphan wells which are forwarded to approved contractors, review of bid proposals received form said contractors to insure compliance with applicable law, coordination with District Office personnel, Department of Natural Resources personnel, purchasing personnel, Office of Secretary personnel, etc. regarding all aspects of Act 404 of the 1993 Regular Legislative Session (Louisiana Oilfield Site Restoration Law)Oilfield Site Restoration
ONSHORE The area of Louisiana lying landward of the Intracoastal Canal.
OOC The Office of Conservation of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.
OPENING STK Abbreviation for Opening Stock
OPENING STOCK The volume of stock on hand at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the reporting month.
OGP Data Entry
OPERATING AGREEMENT A special type of agreement between the State of Louisiana (acting through the State Mineral Board) and an operator (who has applied for an operating agreement and shown that the special conditions required for an operating agreement to be issued are present) allowing the operator to enter an existing well on unleased state owned land or water bottoms and produce and sell, save or utilize hydrocarbons from same in return for payment to the state of a specified production payment and carrying out other terms set forth in the agreement. Generally speaking, an operating agreement will not be granted where applicant can nominate said acreage for a lease unless the State Mineral Board feels, due to unusual circumstances which meet the statutorially set forth criteria, it is in the best interest of the state to do so. APPLICABLE STATUTES:La.R.S. 30:208-209.1 TERM: One year and for so long as hydrocarbons are produced or downhole reworking operations are ongoing without a cessation of same for more than 90 days. .
Office of Mineral Resources
OPS Abbreviation for Operations
OR-1 Organization/Transporter Permit and Annual Registration Form
Organizations (OR-1) Information--Organization Search --Organization Officer/Contact Search
ORDER 29B A statewide order establishing rules for drilling, production and operations of Oil and Gas wells in the State of Louisiana
ORDER 29C A statewide order governing dual completion of wells productive of hydrocarbons from multiple zones in the State of Louisiana
ORDER 29D A statewide order establishing a procedure for obtaining approval and authorizing the commingling of gas or liquids and the use of methods other than gauge tanks for allocation of production.
ORDER 29E A statewide order establishing rules for spacing of wells drilled in search of oil and gas in areas of Louisiana for which no spacing regulations have been prescribed by Special Orders
ORG ID Code for the Operator of the well.
Organization Ledger Listing-Alpha-- Organization Information by Name-- Organizational Mailing Address List-- Organizations by Parish
ORGANIZATIONAL CODING STRUCTURE OPERATORS - 4 or 5 numbers or 1 letter & 3 numbers - Starts with the numbers 0-6 or letters A-Z - Example: 0016, B113, 60001 OIL TRANSPORTERS - 4 numbers - Starts with a 7 or 8 - Example: 7561, 8952 GAS TRANSPORTERS -4 numbers or 3 numbers & 1 letter (No letter starts with the numbers 98-99 Letter starts with 90-93) - Example:9965, 902S GAS PLANTS - 3 numbers & 1 letter - Ends with the letter Z - Example: 241Z, 310Z REFINERIES - 4 numbers only - Starts with the numbers 91 - Example: 9118, 9175
ORPHAN WELLS Wells which have been abandoned and require cleanup activities are "orphaned". Also wells not in compliance with applicable laws and regulations may also be found to be "orphaned".
Orphan Wells By Parish
OVERPRODUCTION Production in excess of the well's monthly allowable.
P & A PERMIT A report which list detailed plugged and abandoned activities on wells.
PA-35 Form filed for a temporary inactive well, with no stock on hand, to be omitted from the Operators Oil and Gas Monthly Production Report.
PBHL Abbreviation for Proposed bottom hole location
PBTD Abbreviation for Plugged back total depth
PERFORATIONS Holes through casing and cement into the productive formation.
PERFS Abbrevation for Perforated interval
PERMEABILITY Ability to transmit water savings.
PERMITTING The process by which operators are given the legal right to drill wells in the state of Louisiana.
Permitted Wells By Parish-- Well Permits by District
PIGGING The act of pushing a device through a pipeline in order to physically clean deposits from the inner surface of the pipeline, or to remove liquids.
PITS A Natural topographic depression or man-made excavation used to hold produced water or other non-hazardous oilfield waste. Production pits, reserve pits, and lease facilities are common types of pits found in the state of Louisiana. For environmental management, pits are used to hold materials used for drilling or wastes that result from production or to collect material to be injected into the subsurface.
Production Pit Notification-- Reserve Pit Violation
PKR Abbreviation for Packer
PLANT CODE The code assigned by the Office of Conservation for the plant where the gas was processed and/or liquids extracted.
Organization Ledger Listing-Alpha
PLUG Seal off formations to stop open communication of formation fluids within a well.
Well Engineering Information
PM An acronym for producing method; the producing method can be one of the following: pumping, flowing, gas lift, or injection.
POLYGON A two dimensional closed figure with at least three sides that represents an area.
POOH Abbreviation for Pulling out of hole
POOL An underground reservoir containing a common accumulation of crude petroleum or natural gas or both. Each zone of a general structure which is completely separated from any other zone in the structure is covered by the term pool.
POROSITY Proportion of pore space to the total volume of soil or rock
POSTED PRICE Price statement by a seller of crude oil or product.
POT Potential of a well.
PRIMARY PRODUCT The main product of a well, either crude oil or natural gas.
PROD TYPE Product Type for the well. 10 equal oil, 20 equal gas and 25 equal dry gas.
Product Type Code Information
PRODUCT THERMAL REDUCTION (PTR) Reduction in the total heating (Btu) content of the natural gas stream equal to the heat content of the liquids.
PRODUCT VOLUME REDUCTION (PVR) Reduction in volume of natural gas due the removal of natural gas liquid constituents such as ethane, propane, butane at natural gas processing plants.
PRODUCTION The yield of an oil or gas well.
PRODUCTION FACILITY A tank or a battery of tanks in which liquid production from oil or gas wells is stored. A production facility can be a lease, unit, well, common battery, or commingling facility.
PRODUCTION PLATFORM A term used to indicate a permanent offshore structure equipped to control the flow of oil or gas. It does not include entirely submarine structures.
PROJECTION A mathematical model that transforms the locations of features on the earth's curved surface to locations on a flat surface.
PSC Public Service Commission
PSIA Pounds of pressure per square inch absolute, using absolute zero as a base.
PTR Product Thermal Reduction-Reduction in the total heating (Btu) content of the natural gas stream equal to the heat content of the liquids.
PVR Product Volume Reduction-Reduction in volume of natural gas due the removal of natural gas liquid constituents such as ethane, propane, butane at natural gas processing plants.
R/D Abbreviation for Rigging down
R/U Abbreviation for Rigging up
R2 Monthly Transporter and Storers Report
R2 Data Entry--R2 Oil Transporter/Storer Information
R3 Refiner's Monthly Report
R3 Data Entry--R3 Refiner Information
R4 Operator's Certificate of Compliance and Authorization to Transport Oil From Lease.
R4 & Emergency Clearance Information
R5D Operator's Monthly Gas Disposition Report.
R5D Data Entry--R5D Gas Disposition Ledger
R5T Natural Gas Transporter's Monthly Report.
R5T Data Entry--R5T Natural Gas Transporter Information
R6 Gasoline and/or Cycling Plant Monthly Report.
R6 Data Entry--R6 Gasoline and/or Cycling Plant Info
RA'S Abbreviation for Right angles
RANGE In section/township/range, a three character code for the range; the first two digits are numeric and the last character is either "E" or "W". Also, the name given to the east-west lines of the rectangular survey system.
Wells By Section, Township, Range By Parish-- Well Information by Section, Township and Range
RAW MAKE A conglomerate of liquid hydrocarbons extracted from gas, but not including separator condensate. Only the initial state of processing has taken place and fractionation to end products has not yet occurred.
REPORTING POINT The points at which production is reported to the Office of Conservation; the reporting point can be any of the following: lease, unit, or gas lease well.
LUW Type Code Information
RESERVOIR A common accumulation of crude petroleum oil or natural gas or both.
Reservoir Nomenclature Abbreviations
RIG Drilling Rig. The installation used in drilling for and exploiting natural oil and gas deposits
RIH Abbreviation for Running In hole
RR Abbreviation for Released rig
S/T Abbreviation for Side track
SALINITY A measure of the concentration of salt dissolved in water. It is usually reported in parts per thousand (ppt).
SCOUT REPORT A published status of all wells that have had activity since the last report period.
Lafayette Scout Details-- Lafayette Scout Summary-- Monroe Scout Details-- Monroe Scout Summary-- Shreveport Scout Details-- Shreveport Scout Summary-- Scout Report Information
SCOUT REPORT TERMINOLOGY Status Codes and Terminology use on the Scout Report.
Scout Report Codes and Terminology
SCOUT TICKET Form used to monitor drilling progress.
SDM-2 Louisiana State Potential Report
SDM2 State Oil Potential - test witnessed by a Conservation Enforcement Agent
SDM2G State Gas Potential - test witnessed by a Conservation Enforcement Agent
SECCHI DISC A disk with a 4-6 inch radius that is divided into 4 equal quadrates of alternating black and white colors. It is lowered into a section of shaded water until it can no longer be seen and then lifted back up until it can be seen once again. Averaging the two depths gives the clarity or transparency of the water. This parameter is the inverse of turbidity.
SECTION In section/township/range, a three character code for the section location. Also, a unit of land measurement in the rectangular survey system.
Wells By Section, Township, Range By Parish-- Well Information by Section, Township and Range
SET Sediment Erosion Table. This device is used to measure wetland surface elevation change.
SEVERANCE TAX RELIEF PROGRAM The severance tax is predetermined percentage of total sales tax less any allowable deductions. The Louisiana Department of Revenue and Taxation is responsible for the receipt and audit of severance tax. The Severance Tax Relief Program allows the owner of a well to file for an exemption from severance tax.
Severance Tax Relief Program Severance Tax Relief Information
SHAPE-FILE A GIS file format for vector (point, line, polygon) data for storing the location, shape, and attributes (textual data) of geographic features.
SHRINKAGE That volume or heating content reduction attributable to extracted liquids from a gas stream.
SITE CLEARANCE PROGRAM The State law and subsequent regulations requires the total removal of all abandoned oil and gas structures. These structures include such items as platforms, wellheads, pipeline risers, "catwalks", production facilities, and many other oil and gas related facilities.Under the regulations, trawling is the preferred method for site clearance verification. However, for some areas where there are restricted waterways, like bayous and canals, a pre-approved diver survey is an acceptable alternate to trawling. Other pre-approved procedures include the "Sweep Assembly" and the "Skimmer Net" process.Site-Clearance Regulations Subpart 2
SITP Abbreviation for Shut-in tubing pressure
SL Abbreviation for section line or surface location
SLUG CATCHER A vessel or series of pipes to collect liquids at the inlet of a compressor station.
SOLE SOURCE AQUIFERS Designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA). The process requires a person or entity to petition the US-EPA. Then the agency must find that the aquifer or aquifer system supplies at least 50% of the area's drinking water and that contamination of the source would create a significant hazard to public health.The designation as sole or principal source aquifer not only publicizes groundwater value, but also provides limited federal groundwater quality protection. Being named a sole source does not indicate relative groundwater value or vulnerability, nor does it provide any comprehensive quality protection.
SONRIS Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System - This service of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources provides you free, Web-accessible information through the access method of your choice. SONRIS
SONRIS CLASSIC This access method offers additional query functionality via Java-enabled forms. SONRIS Classic requires the Internet Explorer browser add-on known as Oracle JInitiator
Sonris Classic
SONRIS LITE Popular, quick access method to frequently-requested information. Designed for low-bandwidth connections, this version of SONRIS Database Access uses only HTML, not JInitiator or JVM.
Sonris Lite
SOUR OR SWEET CRUDE Industry terms which denote the relative degree of a given crude oil's sulfur content. Sour crude refers to those crudes with a comparatively high sulfur content, 0.5% by weight and above; sweet refers to those crudes with sulfur content of less than 0.5%.
SPECIFIC CONDUCTANCE A measurement of water's ability to conduct an electric current (conductivity) that is directly related to the total dissolved salts (ions) in the water. Water's ability to conduct an electric current (conductivity) is temperature sensitive and increases with increasing temperature. Most modern probes automatically correct for temperature and standardize all readings to 25?C and then refer to the data as specific conductance. It is usually reported in uS/cm (microSiemans per centimeter).
SPOT PRICE Price at a location and at a specific time.
SPUD Abbreviation for Spud date (the actual date that Drilling began)
SPUD DATE The date the drill bit pierced the ground.
Well Information by Serial Number-- Well Data
SQZ Abbreviation for Squeeze
ST CD Status Code for the well.
Well Status Code List
STATUS The standing of a lease, unit or well.
STORAGE GAS A gas that is stored in an underground reservoir.
STRIPPER WELL A well incapable of producing more than ten (10) barrels a day.
SUBSTITUTE UNIT WELL Any well already drilled or to be drilled, completed or recompleted in the unitized sand which, in the interest of good conservation practices, should be designated to take the place of and become the unit well as determined by a special Office of Conservation order.Substitute Unit Wells
SURFACE LOCATION The surface location of the well.
SWD Saltwater Disposal
SWLY Abbreviation for Southwesterly
SXS Abbreviation for Sacks
TANK BATTERY An area allocated in the general proximity to well sites for the purpose of containing hydrocarbons and produced water storage tanks. It is normally bordered by containment dikes or levees. A tank battery may not have existing storage tanks.
TBG Abbreviation for Tubing
TD Abbreviation for Total depth
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - DNR Telephone Numbers For Department of Natural Resources DNR Telephone Directory
TELEPHONE DIRECTORY - STATE Telephone Numbers For State Agencies State Telephone Directory
TH Abbreviation for Thence (always used in describing the location of the well)
TIH Abbreviation for Tripping in hole
TOC Abbreviation for Top of cement
TOL Abbreviation for Top of liner
TOTAL CHLOROPHYLL Green pigment in plants that transforms light energy into chemical energy in photosynthesis. Measuring chlorophyll in water provides a reasonable estimate of algal biomass.
TOTAL DEPTH Total measured depth of the well.
Well Engineering Information-- Well Test Information
TOWNSHIP In section/township/range, a three character code for the township location; the first two characters are numeric and the last character is either "N" or "S". Also, the name given to the north-south lines of the rectangular survey system.
Wells By Section, Township, Range By Parish-- Well Information by Section, Township and Range
TRANSCRIPT/DOCKET Testimony & exhibits given and recorded at Public Hearing.
TRANSPORTER Includes any common carrier by pipeline, railway, truck, motor vehicle, boat, or barge, and/or any person transporting oil or a product by pipeline, railway, truck, motor vehicle, boat, or barge.
TRUE VERTICAL DEPTH The vertical depth of the well from the ground to the bottom hole.
TUBING String of pipe set inside the well casing, through which the oil or gas is produced.
Well Engineering Information-- Well Profile
TURBIDITY A measure of the degree to which light is scattered by suspended particulate material and soluble colored compounds in the water. It provides an estimate of the muddiness or cloudiness of the water due to clay, silt, finely divided organic and inorganic matter, soluble colored organic compounds, plankton, and microscopic organisms.
TVD Abbreviation for True vertical depth
UIC-10 Annual Saltwater Disposal Well Report
Saltwater Disposal Report
UIC-13 Community Saltwater Disposal Well/System Notification Certification
UIC-14 Application for Annular Disposal of Reserve Pit Fluids
UIC-26 Waste Refusal Notification
Waste Refusal Notification (UIC-26)
UIC-28 Exploration and Production Waste Shipping Control Ticket commonly referred to as a Manifest.
UIC-29 Authorization for After-Hours Disposal of E&P Waste. Approval for after-hours disposal is granted on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Injection and Mining Division at 225/342-5515
UIC-5 Injection Well Integrity Test Affidavit
UNIT A surface area that encompasses part of or the entirety of a reservoir.
UNITIZATION The process by which wells are combined in order to function as one reporting entity.
USDW The lowermost underground source of drinking water
USDW Area Information
W/R Abbreviation for Wash and ream
WATER TABLE The upper surface of a zone of saturation; the upper surface of the ground water.
WATER-BASED DRILLING MUD Any water-based fluid composed of fresh water and naturally occurring clays which may contain additives for fluid loss control, viscosity, thinning, pH control, weight control, etc., for downhole stability.
WELL CNT Abbreviation for well count
WELL LOG Recording that indicates the well's rock formation.
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WELL SERIAL NUMBER A permanent identification number assigned to a well upon approval of the Application for (or to Renew) Permit to Drill for Minerals (MD-10-R)
Well Information by Serial Number-- Well Listing by Specific Field / Operator-- Wells by Lambert Coordinates -Tabular
WH Abbreviation for Wellhead
WH-1 Well history & work resume report (completions/recompletions).
WILDCAT A well drilled in an unexplored area.
WOC Abbreviation for Waiting on cement
WOCR Abbreviation for Waiting on completion rig
WOO Abbreviation for Waiting on orders
WORK PERMIT Allows a defined type of work to proceed on a well.
WORKOVER FLUIDS Any fluid utilized to workover the well, which is primarily composed of water and depending on downhole conditions, various additives.
WORKOVERS Major repairs or modifications which restore or enhance production from a well.